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Searchable GDPR

Easily search in the official GDPR text thanks to Algolia

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Thank you for making this. As a solopreneur, any help I can get with understanding GDPR is very welcome!!!
Alexandre Mouriec
Right now, many companies are trying to know if they have to modify their products to comply with GDPR. The process is long because you have to read the GDPR document without being able to search for a specific element, until now 😉 Algolia is an awesome company, whose search product is used by companies like Twitch, Medium and even Product Hunt 😺 Today, they are launching a little side-project, which makes GDPR searchable! If you could make one long and difficult document searchable, which long document would you like to be searchable?
Atis Gailis
@mrcalexandre I used for a long time. Very handy tool. And there are apps, too.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!
Precious tool 👌
Barak Kaufman
This is awesome! Very helpful, thanks for sharing. We similarly saw issues companies were having preparing for GDPR and launched a site to easily search public GDPR statements for SaaS vendors (processors):
Vlad Korobov
I was struggle to find "Personal Data" term. Have t manually select Article 4. Definitions. Why is the search not giving me that section first? Anyway guys we mentioned you in the article