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Sunsama for macOS

If Trello & Google Calendar had a baby - now for Mac

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Travis Meyer
Howdy! If you're like us, and you keep your todo list and calendar open most of the day, you should check out the new macOS app for Sunsama. The macOS app helps you stay focused throughout the day on the work that needs to be done, without all the noise and temptations of the browser. We built the desktop app so we could have a simple, quiet space to turn to as the day went on. When we've got a lot on our plates, opening Sunsama makes the day feel less stressful because we can see what our goals for the day are and where to turn our attention (and we don't have to dodge a bunch of other tabs that will break our flow). We'd love to know what you think. Thanks to everyone who's already been using the web app who advocated for this feature - we hope you enjoy :D
Nikola Novakovic
Looks pretty sweet! I was just looking for something similar the other day. I did want it to use it for my own personal use and not on team level and find it a bit harder to do that since it's so team oriented.
Travis Meyer
@novica93 thanks for the feedback! Any thoughts on how might we make it feel better for you to just use as an individual? You're right that the product was built with a team-first mentality, but we've got a lot of folks who use it as individuals, so would love to know what we could do better
Nikola Novakovic
@travisawakens Hi Travis! No problemo, you guys did a great job! Hmmm that's a good question, I would say maybe while on boarding customer ask if it's going to be used for team or personal and then "strip out" some of the team features :thinking:
Philip Amour
Was looking forward to checking it out, then I figured out it was an electron webapp. 🙁
Dre Durr💡
I was just about to start a new trello board and sync it with my calendar with zapier. I will give it a shot for awhile. dope 🚬 🚬
Alexander Obenauer
Really excited to see this, but when I went to go set it up on the screen where I'd authorize access to all of my contacts on my google account (without being told what would be done with that access?) the "privacy policy" link does... nothing. It's presumably just a WKWebKit thrown in there without regard for implementing the methods needed to open external links in a new window, so I get how that can happen, but as a user, I have no interest in giving access to that kind of data without knowing what's going to happen to it. Edit: But I must add, to the team: huge congrats. These kinds of releases can be hard to get to. I look forward to watching you all progress the product!
Travis Meyer
@alexobenauer the last thing we want to do is make you feel sketched out about privacy - thanks for letting us know about this! We'll investigate what caused it. In the meanwhile, you can find our privacy policy at I can also just tell you that when it comes to your contact info, we are very careful to do one thing and one thing only with it - use it to help you autocomplete email addresses when you're inviting people to calendar events or when you're inviting teammates to join your team. Thanks again for letting us know, and for the kind words!
Nate Davis
Awesome, been excited for this. Now I am just waiting for the iOS release and my life will be complete. If you have not used sunsama before I highly recommend. The free plan is generous
Mehdi Izemmour
Would love to use the app. But for some reason, each time I try to login with my Gmail account > "There was an error syncing with your Google account. Please sign in again. You'll be asked to grant Sunsama permission to access your Google account again." :-(
Travis Meyer
@izemmour Oh no! Thanks for the heads up. We'll investigate and try and get this fixed ASAP. Does this happen when you try and sign in from the macOS app, the web app, or both?
Mehdi Izemmour
@travisawakens Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to the fix. Can't wait to try the tool. The bug is on the macOS app as well as on the web app.
Travis Meyer
@izemmour pinged you with some followup troubleshooting - thanks for your help!
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Would want for Windows 10 ? How’s different then other multitasking to do list app
Been waiting for this! Congrats team Sunsama 👏
Joshua Pinter
Design on this is top notch. Perfect colour choice, white spacing, and even font face. Great job!
David Carpe
is there a mobile app on the way? or will it format well on mobile browser?
Travis Meyer
@passingnotes We probably won't have a true native mobile app for a while. If you add the website to your home screen on your phone though, it should feel pretty good.
Hilart Abrahamian
THANK YOU for making this. I thought of this idea a while ago, but resorted to using a make-shift system that does exactly this but with Stickies (on mac). Super exited to give this a try.
Tom Bielecki
Interesting. How is this different from Plan?
Hemanth G
If I were you I'd really wait and see if Microsoft or Google will buy them too and destroy them. Before building a connection with this awesome looking product.
Keith Tam
It will be great if the product support multiple Google account login.