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Square for Restaurants

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Ryan Hoover
Ironically, Canadian-based unicorn, Shopify, just launched their Tap and Chip Reader to compete with Square today.
@rrhoover It's a reader, Square is a full blown POS system for restaurants. Different product.
Ryan Hoover
@mr_pixelr yup! I wasn't implying that they're the same thing, but pointing to Shopify's movement into Square's space (no pun intended).
@rrhoover That would be a great 'pun'! You're right, there is a lot of overlap as far as card payments, and it appears both companies are heading towards the same final destination - Omni channel selling products. Will be interesting to see both products evolve.
Michael Sitver
Big moves from @Jack tackling Opentable.
Rishav Kanoria
@msitver doesn't seem like this supports reservations management
Andrei Oprisan
It's going to be tough for Toast and others to compete with Square's offering.
Is it available worlwide or only in the US? Asking from South America, Ecuador.
Qaunain Meghjee
@chinozc Square seems to be available in many countries, I believe it's any country where they have a tax arrangement. But the default Square app can be used for all types of shops, not just restaurants. Main advantage is that its half the price of PayPal's transaction fees and they give you the EPOS till software for free!
Dennis Hansen
If you’re competing with square on feature parity your gonna have a bad time.
Daniel Johnson
I like this because I HATE WAITING FOR FOOD. Anything to streamline the restaurant service experience. Well done.
Adam Willis
Would love it if Square would handle credit card transactions like Europe for the restaurants. Bring me the device so I can Apple Pay or at least keep positive control on my card.
Sean D. Emory
Great job. The story continues. Another layer to the platform.
That tag line at the end is GREAT if you've ever had to deal with existing P.O.S.'s. Way to tackle a well needed space and hopefully killing some of the dinosaurs off while you're at it.