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Chris Messina
It's really great to see @TristanHarris's work finally making such a significant impact on Google's products! Android Get alerts only when you want them. Personalize your updates. Manage your time spent in apps. Disconnect at night. Quiet your phone with a simple gesture. YouTube Remind yourself to take a break. See how much you watch. Combine all your notifications. Quiet your notifications. Choose how you watch. Google Assistant Just speak to send messages. Use your voice to control media. Automate your smart home. Make Google do it. Just ask for quiet time. Make falling asleep easier. Gmail Focus on the important stuff. Streamline your inbox. Google Photos Clear the clutter. Spend less time editing. Android Auto Minimize distractions while driving. Family Link Manage the apps your kids use. Keep an eye on their screen time. Discover nutritious content. YouTube Kids Customize your kids’ experience. Set appropriate time limits for your family. Google Wifi Schedule Internet breaks for your kids. Block inappropriate content.
Nolan McCoy
@tristanharris @chrismessina Agreed, Tristan's voice is slowly disrupting our robotic addictions to technology. This is extremely refreshing to see Google admitting the need and offering a solution. Now we just need it to be a default on all major players.
Adrian Carolli
How can we use the Android features today?
@adrian_carolli You can download the Android P beta (, if you have a device listed on
Jake Tran
Is this only available on Android P? Because that would be really sad
@jake_tran That is correct. However, the YouTube features will be part of the app and available cross-platform.
Shaomeng Zhang
@jake_tran Agreed. Apple needs to catch up on this. But checkout:
Shashwat Pradhan
@jake_tran we already have an app called Instant that goes beyond Digital Wellbeing with detailed analytics and all your data remains private on your phone:
Aaron Chang
@jake_tran I haven't seen this roll out yet on the P Beta that I downloaded. My team actually launched a similar app on the same day! Feel free to check us out
Matt Blake
I run social media and smart phone addition workshops with school children. Unless Apple is bringing a similar suite of features to the next iOS, Google Well-being alone may tempt me away from iPhones.
Andreas Duess
@mattsmith4u Apple is far more dedicated to user privacy than google is. That’s especially evident in the efforts Apple is making to minimize user tracking in both apps and browser. I use google apps all the time, but google’s entire business is built on the user being the product. This is a PR exercise, little more.
Matthew Boogaard
@mattsmith4u @andreasduess Nice try, but although you'd need a Google account for some of the listed apps, this is an Android feature, not a Google feature.
uɐſ ǝ˥ sǝʌ⅄
@mattsmith4u don't wait, it's available from Android 4 here:
Shashwat Pradhan
@mattsmith4u we already have an app called Instant for both iOS and Android that goes beyond Digital Wellbeing with detailed analytics and all your data remains private on your phone:
Ernest Oppetit
@mattsmith4u @andreasduess Apple being more focused on privacy (which I agree with) is beside the point, this is about letting users take back control of their screen time by limiting notifications, understanding where time is spent, etc
Andrew Dunn
@mattsmith4u I recently wrote about how the solutions to the digital wellness crisis will come from Google > Apple, without even predicting Google Wellbeing. Devs can get much more creative on Android as it relates to smartphone addiction (e.g. Luna Launcher, Siempo, Hoopy)
Nate Maingard
@mattsmith4u I feel so much the same right now!
Dre Durr💡
I hate utilities that try to change behavior by adding more notifications. Maybe they want to annoy the user until they throw their phone out of the window. More notifications is not the solution to getting people off their devices. 😡
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 What all devices does it work ?
Gabe O'Leary
@ayush_chandra Any that can be upgraded to android P
Michael Sitver
This is tech for good, and Google moving beyond its own direct self-interest to focus on the health of its users. I appreciate this.
Ben Ingignieri
Really good idea! I did something similar for my final uni project (Digital Disconnect) I'm glad to see companies like Google making creative solutions to help tackle 'digital addiction' (like me ahaha)
Serge Bajic
Facebook could learn a thing or two from this. I recently silenced Messenger notifications and now have an annoying "reminder" at the top of the app to unsilence them.
Atikulla A Merchant
This is awesome, I've always wanted to make something like this to track the time that I've spent on my phone. When can we expect this to be on the app store?