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An AI assisstant that can talk on the phone 🤖

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Nick Abouzeid
My jaw hasn't dropped so quickly while watching a developer conference in years. Google is lightyears ahead of anybody in AI, and their new scarily accurate AI assistant is only the first iteration of this tech. Imagine being able to ask every restaurant in New York City what their current wait time is, or when their nearest reservation is... in the course of 30 seconds. Insane.
Hans Yadav
@nickabouzeid Imagine being the business that fields the thousands of calls per day because there’s no cost from the consumer to make them. As the consumer I’m stoked about this tech, but I suspect there will be additional innovation on the business end to curb call fatigue, spam, etc.
Ryan Hoover
@nickabouzeid I spoke with a startup that was building for calling businesses using AI. Their demo was impressive but not even close to what Google just showed off. EDIT: here's that startup
@nickabouzeid @laxbrownie Pretty sure that the next logical step for Google Duplex is to give Businesses access to the AI to take these kind of phone calls. So at the end of the day we have AI talking to AI ... 🤷‍♀️
Nick Abouzeid
@laxbrownie @yannschaub or API talking to API 🤔
Nick Abouzeid
@laxbrownie This same argument was used when free online reservation platforms (Opentable, Google Reservations) launched... which has been disproven by their stunning success. Consumers aren't malicious.
Luca Spanjaard
@nickabouzeid @laxbrownie perhaps Google Assistant will also be available for recipients of these calls. AI talking to AI :D
@yannschaub nothing wrong ever happens when AI is talking to AI :D
Robert Kafadar
@nickabouzeid @laxbrownie ok. but.. if ai calls and ai answers... cant we just use chat bots and voice commands?
@nickabouzeid @laxbrownie @yannschaub If only there was a better way for two computers to talk to each other 🤔 We'll get there some day
Design Corner
@laxbrownie @yannschaub @nickabouzeid sure:
Daniel Marcinkowski
That was literally my expression while I was watching that part of the keynote: 🤯
Graeme Fulton
🤖💬🤖 when the robot answers on the other side
Calum Webb
"Ok Google, Pick up call from Telemarketers/Fake Windows Support and waste as much of their time as possible"
James Welch
@calum_webb my favorite EVER product hunt comment!!!!! :-)
Menachem Pritzker
@calum_webb funny... my first thought is that this is going to be great for telemarketing :)
Ryan Hoover
@mdavep and prank calls 😈
Davis Baer
@rrhoover We finally have a suitable replacement for soundboard prank calls!
Johann Potakowskyj
@calum_webb @mdavep and for Nigeria Connection calls ... we should tell Google to add special nice features answering love scam calls.
Ryan Marr
@calum_webb Will this make the telephone a more practical platform for humans or an even more irrelevant platform for humans and just a weird API for applications?
Kimble Young
@calum_webb @mdavep that was my first thought too. Automated scams are now a thing!
Adebowale Smith
@calum_webb @mdavep @johann_potakowskyj 😂
JayEs Software
@mdavep @rrhoover
Jerre Baumeister
Looks like an AI salesforce is eerily close 😐
James Welch
@jerrebm definitely...interesting, scary, exciting all at once
Ryan Hoover
@jerrebm you're absolutely right. I used to work at a call center doing support and outbound sales. Tech like this will eventually replace many of these jobs. We already have (non-intelligent) robot telemarketers.
Swann Polydor
Look like we officially passed the Turing test.
The AI's voice sounds so natural. Very impressive. What if we take out the caller and put this into the receiver. AI that can answer a barrage of angry technical support calls while keeping the composure and direct people to different department seamlessly. Or even an autoresponder to businesses when people call asking for an inquiry the AI can answer them and also take down details.
James Welch
I can't wait to use this to book a doctor's appointment on the NHS.
This is insane! It even puts in the little “uhh” and “umm” that humans make while we are processing. Calling businesses to book appointments is one of my most loathed tasks. Can’t wait for this.
Daeshawn Ballard
The time and money this will save, the jobs will replace, the damage that can be done, and the good that can be done. This might be the greatest yet scariest thing I've ever witnessed.
Vybhav Ramachandran
I'm guessing that this just ruined Elon Musk's week, knowing that we're close to AI passing "narrow" turning tests. I'm scared too. Scared and excited.
Arun Sathiya
Death by AI. End of the world? :)
Matt Hernandez
Sounds pretty awesome! In typical Google fashion.
Tim C
this + Nest could be pretty awesome. Enabling Nest to identify a break in and calls 911 on your behalf.
Ross Nichols
Wow, that demo is amazing... Superb stuff.
Thoughts: 1. The first call, the both sounded like robots. 2. Speaking of which, next we will have a robot to answer calls. At which point, the idea has folded back on itself and it's now just an app again. 3. Super cool natural voice though. Keen to see this develop without homogenising vocabulary and culture.
Brian Lee
@ys most people answering these calls need to act like one because they want to get off the call and either get back to their job e.g. cutting hair or on to the next incoming call. It’s a natural fit for AI
Ryan Marr
At first glance this seems incredibly impressive. But at second glance I'm reminded of three hours ago when I got out of the shower and said "Hey Google" to my google designed and built pixel, and nothing happened. I said it again, this time louder and slower "HEEYYY GGOOOGGGLLEE" still nothing. My hands are wet as I'm towelling off and all I want to know is what time it is. Either my phone knows this is what I want and is trolling me, or this demo is years, and years, and years away from being a reality in production. I frankly, won't be surprised if Amazon beats them to market with this same product. My echo dot has literally never let me down. I've almost given up completely on the google assistant on my phone. To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the engine behind this is completely silo'd from the existing google assistant?
@ryanmarr I am hoping that Google joins the partnership between Alexa and Cortana, so you can ask questions to either AI.
Paul Clark
@ryanmarr Agreed. Amazon Alexa nearly always delivers the result I expect. Google Assistant and Apple Siri fail often. But, I like what I see here-- great competition for Apple and Amazon to all keep pushing the limits.
Brian Bagdasarian
The list of tech required to pull this off is mind blowing. Forget the TTS that sounds completely human (including the linguistic tics and nuances) - the RNN, Long-Short, etc. that most likely are used results in an unreal result. Now I wonder if this can handle "discussions" with a significant other, or negotiate for a better deal on car insurance.
Mikhail Zhuro
While the technology looks really great on paper, it is still not out there. Bet they’ll need at least a couple of years to make it at least somewhat close to the demo.