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How HTTPS Works

We want to tail you how HTTPS works. In a comic. 😽

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Taha ahmed khan
I like this
Do you illustrate these yourself @aeden? I like the graphics.
Comte Anthony Eden
@abadesi sadly I have no talent for illustration, it's Sebastian Hermida (sbastn on Twitter) who does it all.
Sebastian Hermida
@abadesi I am glad that you enjoyed the illustrations 🌈
Antoine Meunier
Ole Michaelis
It's so awesome <3
Mario Arabov
SO Cute! That's corporate blogging 5.0. Great job guys :)
Sebastian Hermida
Thanks everyone for the upvotes and the feedback! We are currently wrapping up the next chapter and we'll launch it on Monday.
Dan Dan
This is super cool, the names are fun, and the illustrations are great. My only grip is with the way the blocks are displayed... seems like a whole lot going on at once, and it's kinda distracting. Maybe less blocks per page, or less boxes and more white space could make it easier to read.
Sebastian Hermida
@tostartafire thanks for the feedback. I’ll be looking into this.
Lee Qixian
@tostartafire Yeah, I feel this way as well. It is really hard to read, just way too much going on. @sbastn Text is a little small as well. Perhaps scale it to 2 frames per row and a lot more white space between the rows would be great. In any case, it is a great and fun way to explain why HTTPS is so important!
Sebastian Hermida
@swiftpolar πŸ‘ for more whitespace.
Marty Monero πŸ”Ή
Love this :)
Matthieu de Luze
Cool! Keep on crafting those good stories :)
Sebastian Hermida
If you are still reading this, we just launched a new episode! Did you know that 1999 was a cat-astrophe? Let's us tell you why:
This is awesome!
Saif Murtaza
This is really good for a non techie like me
Swapnil Agarwal
This is awesome! I went ahead and created to curate similar resources. Contributions are very welcome!! :D
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i like very much