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It's phone service. In an app.

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Lance Scadden
@pottsjustin Do you have any invite codes?
Gaurav Kumar
@lancescadden1 this is available in India or not
Esteban Aravena
@lancescadden1 just message Visible directly on Twitter: @vIsIble. That’s how I got mine 😀
Shubhankar Kahali
@lancescadden1 @gaurav_kumar6 Verizon is a US based company, them are not available in India and I doubt if it will ever be. In India we have Jio as an alternative I guess.
@pottsjustin @lancescadden1 We do! Use code CFF48
@lancescadden1 @gaurav_kumar6 Sorry. We're just in the U.S. for now.
Denny Dai
Up to 5Mbps
Mattan Ingram
@cndaihan One day companies will realize how much happier potential customers are when details like this are presented front and center, not hidden in the fine print.
Connor Van Ooyen
@cndaihan Is this good or bad? I have no frame of reference.
Tom Moor
@cndaihan @connorvo on TMobile in SF - just did a speed test and it was 2.5Mbps on LTE
Jonathan Laniado
@cndaihan @connorvo @tommoor I just got 10 Mbps on T-Mobile LTE with ONE bar. Proof: Tl;DR: 5 mbps is trash.
Tom Moor
@cndaihan @connorvo @jonathanlaniado Not in San Francisco I guess? T-Mobile is particularly terrible here.
Joey Fenny
@cndaihan @connorvo @tommoor @jonathanlaniado
Hey @mattaningram - the 5 Mbps speed is right on our coverage page 5 Mbps is more than you need to do anything you might want to do on your phone like streaming movies or music. Hope that helps! @cndaihan
@connorvo 5 Mbps is more than you need to do things like: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu: 1-3 Mbps (Most videos stream at a resolution of 480p—all nice and crisp on your phone). Apple FaceTime, Skype: 1-2 Mbps. Facebook, Instagram: 1 Mbps. Spotify, Pandora: 0.5 Mbps. Hope that helps!
Mattan Ingram
@cndaihan @visible 480p is not really crisp on smartphones from the last few years, and lots of streaming services offer higher resolution on mobile than that. Heck I've been watching 1080p 60fps HDR content in the YouTube app on my iPhone X lately. I'm guessing 5 Mbps won't cover that. Still this seems like a good deal for a lot of people, so I shouldn't complain. But after traveling overseas and getting deals like 30GB for 30 days for 15 Euros with no speed limits it does feel like we are getting the short end of the stick here.
Ben Potter
@cndaihan Love the idea but 5mbps is too slow :/
Shlomo Klahr
@cndaihan @bpmct Agreed. @visible, why not have 2 or 3 tiers so users have the option of paying more for higher speeds?
Logan Garcia
@mattaningram @cndaihan @visible Um, it's not that hidden at all. Right there on the sign up page, too: "Unlimited data, messages and minutes on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Speeds up to 5Mbps."
Cosmo Jones
@jonathanlaniado Does your VPN being on affect the speed negatively at all? Just curious as I have noticed an occasional lag on my laptop but haven't installed one on my phone.
Jonathan Laniado
@cosmojones Ah, no, this isn't actually a VPN. It's actually just AdGuard Pro blocking ads system-wide.
Paul Jurczyk
@cndaihan @mattaningram That's why I'm with Wing!
Anthony Da Mota
That's interesting how France is way more advanced on this since we have offers from 1€ to 20€/month (+ usage in Europe and calls to Europe and some countries like the USA) for unlimited everything 🤔 However, I am curious why other countries won't follow France on it (maybe they can't because something is too expensive?)
Maxime Doucet-Benoit
@akdm_ France is a TINY country with insanely high population density. The cost of infrastructure is nothing, therefore you can have low cost plans like this. Now look at Canada, where infrastructure is super hard to maintain because of cold and terrain, plus the fact that we need 1000 times more towers to cover our country, and our population density if laughably low, and an unlimited calls/text with 10G of data is about $120 dollars a month. Literally no one offers unlimited data here.
Anthony Recenello
@akdm_ If Americans WILL pay for it, then there is no reason to lower prices.
Anthony Da Mota
@maxime_doucet_benoit You're totally correct! @arecenello Sure, but in France, Orange; SFR and Bouygues (the three carriers) were doing prices between 30-80€/month for like 1-2h of calls; unlimited texts and 1-2Gb of data. In 2012 Free became the fourth carrier and broke the prices in ~3 (today they offer unlimited everything for 19€/m or 15€/m when you subscribe to they triple play Internet box too). All three other carriers now have similar offers between 5 and 25€/m. I hope there will be a Xavier Niel for you, Americans!
Chad Reiser
@akdm_ I know of two main reasons, both surround infrastructure. In the USA there is a huge amount of land to cover meaning more towers, more maintenance, more hardware expense. But that’s not entirely the main reason. The second is the marketplace allows for to charge a much higher price for the same service you may get in France. For deutsche telekom (T-mobile in the USA) this means they can charge high margins in the USA and supplement other markets with the cash. Many international carriers and markets benefit from Americans paying $100 a month for cell service.
Jigyanshu Rout
@akdm_ You should know about Jio in India where a GB costs less than a candy. India is way ahead of you folks
@akdm_ @maxime_doucet_benoit I don't know about the size of the country. Here in India I pay about 8$ per month for Unlimited everything except data. The data is 40G per month with carry over with no expiration date. Right now I have about 240G unused data so far. The speeds are not bad as well, I get about 7-10Mbps.
Anthony Da Mota
@maxime_doucet_benoit @sokratus I didn't know! That's interesting. By the way, 7-10Mbps is really slow in my opinion, this is what we get in 3G. In 4G we have more like 30-80Mbps depending on the plan and the carrier.
Ben Tossell
Is there a global alternative? Because there needs to be
Raman Shalupau
Global please!
@bentossell In Canada, Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile offers 10GB of 4G and unlimited global text for $50/month. Also, a certain amount of that data can be used in the US.
Binoy Xavier Joy
@bentossell Global alternatives are usually not from the telecos themselves, instead from the MVNOs selling data/ voice packs.
Amna Shamim
@bentossell Google Fi for Global.
Ben Tossell
@amnashamimnyc cant use google fi with an iphone though can you? :(
Nick Nish
@amnashamimnyc @bentossell Unfortunately you still need one of the modern Android phones. Pixel, Moto, or Nexus
Diego Zaks
@bentossell @amnashamimnyc best advice you can give.
Amna Shamim
@bentossell @diegozaks1 Hey. Wow am I bad at seeing these responses. And that's not really true. Fi runs on an iPhone. The SIM just has to be activated on a Google approved device.
Ryan Hoover
I was surprised to hear this is from Verizon. I couldn't find any mention of them on the site itself. While it's in private beta, I'm curious to hear from people that have used it.
Binoy Xavier Joy
@rrhoover To make it appealing to the millennials, it's better to shed that incumbent tag :)
Shaomeng Zhang
If this is indeed from Verizon... trying to imagine the internal politics before or long after this is released... how could a incumbent create such a disruptive product touching its own profit margin and be ok with it? What’s the thinking behind this? Differentiated markets?
@randomor For the same reason that airlines also have budget brands, they appeal to different people. The budget sector is definitely lagging in the US, but I included an image of wireless carriers in Canada. Having budget brands prevents newcomers from stealing away market share.
Nick Nish
@randomor If it really is targeted at millennials like it seems to be, then it could be telling of their strategy to regain the millennial market. I imagine they're probably losing it to competitors like T-Mobile, which has a much friendlier, younger-looking brand identity imo.
TechCrunch talked about this new Verizon startup here:
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
Brian Lee
Will they throttle you after you use up a certain amount of bandwidth?
@kay0stheory It’s the same speed, all month long, no matter your usage. Technically speaking, it’s up to 5 Mbps which is more than what you need to do everything you do on your phone.
Bryce Daniel
@kay0stheory @visible 5mbps is unbelievably slow
Michael Reynolds
@kay0stheory @visible @bryceoflife Clearly millennials aren't impatient at all and are used to waiting for everything in life.
Gary Bacon
@kay0stheory @visible @bryceoflife Yea. That's really slow. I consistently get 35 Mbps on my AT&T plan.
Hayden Evans
@kay0stheory @visible How can anyone possibly think that 5Mbps down is a passable speed for mobile these days? People are playing videos from YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc - constantly. 5Mbps down would be excruciatingly slow for video content like that. It's absolutely absurd.
I don't care how cheap Verizon is, I will never support them due to their lobbying for the repeal of net neutrality.
Om Suthar
It's almost insulting what verizon thinks of 'millenials'
Christian Vanderbeck
@designom84 Finally, a network in which whites AND blacks can talk on. At the same time. To each other. According to their clearly pandering photos, this is what traditional corporations have been missing all along. Smiley faces + white person + 1 nonwhite person = millennial friendly. smh
Corey Ward
No tethering permitted. Also, capped video resolution (which is silly since they aren't saving much data that way anyways). Probably great for people that don't rely on a cellular connection for laptop-based work in emergencies.
Tyler Frederick
@coreyward Have you tested video streaming on the service? I'm interested to see if they actually do cap the resolution or if they are just stating 5 Mbps is good enough to continuously stream 480p without buffering.
Venkatapathi Raju Mandapati
@coreyward Yeah definitely need the tethering. Useless to me without it.
Collin Davis
If it’s anything like Verizon’s Unlimited plan, you’re going to experience unprioritized access which can be REALLY slow in peak hours/areas.
Emanuele Ricci
Here in Italy with Wind I pay 7euros montly for 15GB cap LTE (4G) and unlimited call. And I can use my calls/GB all over EU zone without fees
Anyone got invite code?
Heather Horsey
@rayyans The codes are not single use. Use CFF48!
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
@heatherhorsey Sadly this code is now invalid. Anyone have a different one?
Heather Horsey
@kkdub It just worked fine for me. The ! is not part of the code: CFF48
We are being completely ripped off here in Canada. C$150 for 6 gb of data, unlimited US and Canada calls and text.
@ispekhov If you live in Vancouver or Toronto, I highly recommend switching to Freedom Mobile. They have a 5GB of 4G data +3GB bonus for 24 months, text, and Canada + US calling for $50/month ( I have been with them for ~8 months with no complaints, aside from waiting 1 hour for the phone activation (it was a Saturday afternoon and they were having an additional 10% off sale), you can typically just sign-up online.
[deleted user]
Can I use this with an LTE modem? I have one with a Verizon sim already, but didn't keep the plan since it throttled to 30kbps (not 600kbps like listed) after 15GB. Trying to replace a DSL line that maxes out at 5 down / 0.4 up.
Eitan Rosenberg
Would I have to cancel my preexisting Verizon account or can I just switch over as if it's a different plan?
Eitan Rosenberg
And on that same note, I'm "renting" my phone from Verizon. Do I still qualify?
Heather Horsey
@eitan_rosenberg Visible is operated independently from Verizon, so you'll need to go to to switch over. And your device needs to be unlocked, which means paying off anything you may still owe.
Hayden Evans
Lmao 5Mbps?! Go f*** yourself Verizon.
Smiles Where
I'm not sure if I should be here haven't even used the code . However ?