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Two-page Term Sheet

Simple term sheet for early-stage venture capital financings

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Very nice. Love the transparency.
Nico Lumma
Ouriel Ohayon
what if it is a CLA?
Christoph Janz
@ourielohayon we’re open to that too. The TS template is not exhaustive in the sense that we insist on it. It just means we won’t push for other terms.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! 😊 Super useful
Would this TS apply also to Europe? Do you have any similar template of TS just for CoFounders before they go after VC?
Mario Arabov
@bernardamus Good question, was also curious to know if is compliant with EU laws.
Shahed Khan
This is brilliant. Thank you @chrija and Point 9 team for creating a streamlined term sheet. This will save *SO* much time & money for all parties involved in a financing. 🙏
Daniel Jan Neetzel
great job :)
Michael Moore
I filled this out, when will you counter-sign ;)
Ramesh Ghimire
Great Document. Quite well standardised! Also, @chrija what do you think about Shareholders' Agreement (Standardised Founders' Agreement) template at