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Google One

One simple way to get more out of Google

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Laurens Laudowicz
Who is the maker of this?
Marcos Ortiz
@laurens_laudowicz It seems that Pavni Diwanji (@pavni) is the VP of Engineering in charge of #GoogleOne at @google
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Hopefully it useful !!
Chuck Kahn
What is Google's current definition of "high quality" free photos / videos uploads and will that be updated as well?
Raveesh Bhalla
@chuckkahn IIRC current definition is 12 megapixels for photos, 1280 for videos. Didn't see any changes to this
Marcos Ortiz
@chuckkahn when they talk about high-resolution photos and videos, I think that they are refering to big pictures captured by modern smartphones with resolutions bigger than 2500 pixels and with an average in used space bigger than 2 MB. in the case of videos, they should be talking about high resolutions videos with more than 720p. For example: the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus captures slow motion videos in 1080p and 4K. So for all this, you will need everyday more and more space, and Google One could be a smart way to store all this. Read more about this here:
Chuck Kahn
Is there a way to see a visual breakdown of my Google Drive usage like Sequoiaview, Windirstat, Disk Inventory X, etc. do for desktop storage?
It is the Google response to the Amazon Prime membership/premium subscription? Look great 😁! Willing to give it a try!
Marco Diversi
so this is real?