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Coinbase Prime

A professional trading platform for cryptocurrencies

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Ryan Hoover
I'm impressed with Coinbase's speed of execution l lately, moving up and across market to capture more of the crypto audience.
Robert Novak
@rrhoover What's the difference between this and GDAX? From the website it seems GDAX is targeted for individuals, Coinbase Prime is retargeted for investment groups?
Nick Abouzeid
@rrhoover @robofnc Yep! Feels like it. Not everybody can get access to Prime afaik.
Ron J Williams
@robofnc seems like this is definitely geared toward institutions. Super smart positioning as Robinhood seeks to be the cross asset class investment dashboard for younger investors and focus on the individual. CB going enterprise and upmarket feels like a way to have even more visibility into market forces AND make a ton of coin (pun fully intended).
Repackaged GDAX?
Shlomo Klahr
@faridchaouki probably, but GDAX isn’t stable enough to rely on for big institutions. DefInItely curious about what other features this offers.
Nick Abouzeid
This move doesn't surprise, but doesn't fail to impress. Coinbase never stops. As larger firms move into crypto trading (which their current trading platforms don't support) and crypto hedgefunds pop up, both will need a turnkey trading platform for their in-house teams.
Daeshawn Ballard
The on boarding help will certainly help push this forward. I’m not sure if anyone else in the space is offering that. Nice job Coinbase.
Shinji Pons
How is this different from GDAX?
tony carreon
@shinji_pons the logo is different...
Ben Bodien
@shinji_pons Support that doesn't take two months to reply.
Joe Hobot
@tonycarreon LOL 😂
Catalin Stratu
Oo, very good I am fascinated.
Sam Elliott
I'd say this is GDAX's power layered with new custodial products for the larger institutional players that want to enter the market.
Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev
Really promising product, Coinbase is moving in the right direction.
Prime - GDAX for Institutional Traders Pro - GDAX for Individual Traders Good move by @Coinbase by focusing on depth rather than breadth!