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Surface Hub 2

Meet Surface Hub 2, the future of collaboration

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Ryan Hoover
This is gorgeous, competing with Google's Jamboard.
Bryna Corcoran
I love the Westworld style shots on the product! Beautiful! Please take my money right now.
Jamie McIntyre
Shubhankar Kahali
What a futuristic masterpiece.
Jaynti Kanani
Jam (Google's Jamboard video) vs classical music (Surface Hub 2 video)
Kyle Stephens
Looks beautiful. Could be really useful for remote teams having stand-ups together.
Jake Tran
My jaw drops when that entire fragile looking screen rotate 90
John Alexander
any idea on price?
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Future of collaboration virtually !! Does it ship to India?
Will's Myth
I worked for a company that sold the first version. That thing was a dumpster fire. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes. I'll hold my judgement for when I demo it in person. Microsoft is really great at making things look fantastic in a video. Using it is a completely different story.
Seb Jachec
@jucaslames I've never used one but I'm curious, what was wrong with it?
Lucas Sorbo
@iamsebj Biggest problem: a large percentage of them broke down constantly. Small problems: Constant restarts. Just random glitches. On top of all that, the layout was ridiculously confusing. There was a huge learning curve. Not very user friendly. Oh, and they started out at like $25,000. Most people just ended up going with a SMART board or a Clevertouch, which were a fraction of the cost and more intuitive.
Dan Dan
Microsoft is making some visually beautiful products. But not beautiful enough to make me go back to Windows.
bepis ™
That rotation tho 😍
Hayden Evans
A shame it runs Windows. Also, any chance it's less than $10k? Less than $5k?
Microsoft are coming out with some truly beautiful products in the device space now. It's nice to see them taking not just part in modern, inspirational products, but leading the way.
ian kennedy
I hope I don't have to use Microsoft's Edge browser to use this. I also wonder if it will support Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast to stream from other devices.
锤子 R1 真的很差劲
carlos garcia
I prefer a Mac but when the best too is Windows, then I use that, or even Linux. No platform loyalty, fictional over form.
Paul Gray
Are they dry-erase marker proof?
Gregory Warner
Looks gorgeous. Would love to see one of these in action.