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An all-new Google News powered by AI

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Hey Guys, just wanted to ask. The promo shows the content related to US market only. But what is the situation for India or south asian countries ? Would we be witnessing top sources in the application of our respective regions?
shashank harwalkar
@vsvivek93 I think it will work on Indian sources as well or they might introduce sooner or later. I recently launched a news site similar to Google news just in case you are interested.
Rajeev Sharma
@vsvivek93 I am sure Google India team is on top of this, especially with the Indian news media collaborations.
Ryan Hoover
The app looks fresh. I'm curious what news sites or apps people use today. 🤔 Plug: We're experimenting with our own take on tech news with Sip, which will soon be available on the web and more community-driven.
Varun Dave
@rrhoover Rely on The Times and The Guardian apps to get accurate news, Twitter for more live content. Started using News after watching io18, seems good.
Mario Arabov
@rrhoover I really enjoy TC new app
Gary Fung
@rrhoover I use Flipboard and my app, WonderSwipe
Dan Dan
So... my Newsstand app is gone... I guess this replaced it? It looks cleaner, hopefully it's here to stay for more than 1 year.
Joey Banks
Do we know if is going to be updated to fully reflect the design of the new app?
Matt Horton
@joeyabanks they said next week
Joey Banks
@mattahorton Thanks!
Scott Bowler
Powered by AI = censorship and control of the narrative by AI
frizurd 👽
Google is really stepping up their game this year
Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev
I like the design, should be easy to use and informative at the same time.
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
Joseph Wood
Not as good as I thought it was going to be. Still a bigger fan of Apple News as far as design goes. Apple has more articles that open up natively in the app instead of through a web browser so far. I hope it get's better at recommending articles I like because it's not super great right now. it's probably super awesome if you're a liberal, but being a conservative who doesn't like talking politics, it always takes a while to tune these apps to my taste. Apple News is now really good at suggesting great Nintendo and Photography sites and articles to me. But I'll probably just go back to my RSS app. I'll give it a few weeks to see if it get's better for me.
Jason Safaiyeh
Great idea for Google; however, super dangerous for me as a user. I downloaded the App and I was stuck reading for an hour.
Chandhann Kumar Ramchurn
So far so good. Much prefer the fresh clean look!
Jonathan Kelley
Looks like Google is smashing it this year!
Dillon Nichols
I've been using the normal Google app on iOS (and the Now functionality) for my news and I like it more than this one. It provides results that are more tailored for my interests and pulls in stories from smaller blogs. But if you're just interested in headlines, then use this News app is for you. If you want results personalized from your Google history, use the Google app.
Nostalgia Drive
Looks nice and it's very helpful, but it doesn't seem to be able to handle two languages right now. I've been using it for two days and I need to constantly change languages because most of the content I wanna read is in english but all my local and sports news are in portuguese...
Federico Gaglio
I really love the app. It gave me again interest again into looking on any type of news.
Jamie Perkins
I was hoping this was a web site!
Benjamin Fletcher
It’s back!
Asha Singh
I am indeed vary happy to share with details on the valu on different topics and refreshing our mind .