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Kevin William David
We use totemapp for our company press page.Its free if you host it on their site!
Nathan Bashaw
Which do you like better? Totem or Pressroom?
Kevin William David
i haven't used pressroom yet. Just came across it yesterday!
Kirk McMurray
Hi. I'm the CEO (and co-founder) at Totem. This is an old thread and unfortunately was posted during the early days of Product Hunt, so we didn't get many up votes or comments. We're working on a new version of Totem, but in the mean time, please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Introducing: the hosted press page that journalists prefer.

Totem is the standard for treating press right. We help businesses make a great impression with their most important audience.

One thousand press pages and counting.

We’re proud of our customers. They’re proud of us too. Click their logos to see Totem in action.

Now including: zero setup and management.

We build your totem for you, in 48 hours or less.

You delegate changes to your concierge 24/7.

Press get what they need, how they need it.

These features make Totem number one.

Press who follow you on Totem are notified via email when important content is added or updated.

Responsive design keeps press happy on-the-go. Custom domains, skins, and plug-ins adapt to your unique look.

Never send an email attachment again. Our image and resource handling are better than all the rest.


Totem is a paid product, with one simple pricing tier.

No setup fee

Here's what the press say about Totem:

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