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Launchaco Free Logo Builder

Free AI-powered logo builder by 🦄 Launchaco

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Cameron Rohani
A lot of our users don't have the budget, time, or any design software to make a logo with. Free Logo Builder serves as a tool to create a minimum viable logo until you have the means to team up with a designer and take it to the next level. Here's a few simple logos that we made: We also open sourced our data sets and some rudimentary a.i. if you want to build something similar or check out how it all works behind the scenes :)
Philip Young
@cameronrohani you're killing it!
Sasan Aghdasi
Love this. Would also like to attend Couchella if possible.
Joshua Jansen
Very cool! Love the intro video 😄
Marc Laventure
Hey everyone! If anyone has any questions about the AI/engineering please feel free to checkout the repo, comment here or email me at We are aware of some small 🐛's and if you find any please email us at
@launchaco @marclaventure Hi Marc! Have you all experienced a glitch where the logos do not download? They only have the info file? Thank you.
Sumeet Mahendra
@launchaco @marclaventure @skimmgvl I too facing the very same issue!
Stefan Wirth
Nikolay Siabrenko
Finally, it's free first logo maker :) You have one bug, when I try to sign up I have an error "There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted.", you try login me instead of sign up.
Daniel Eitam
Launchaco never ceases to amaze, good job!
Craig Barber
Love Launchaco! Their landing page builder is the best... this is another example of making things people need and inline with their core offering which is... to launch a co man c'mon! 👏👏👏
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Great product
Aman Brar
Great to see some competition to logojoy, but it's definitely not the same in terms of quality or visualisation. I like the fact that you can quickly narrow down typefaces and bolding though!
A cool product, I hope someday you'll add support for other languages' fonts (for example Cyrillic script) :)
Friso Baaij
Nice logo generator, but where exactly is the AI part?
Marc Laventure
@friscobay We classified >300 fonts based on 7 features, then placed those in a k-d tree due to its higher dimensions, then are able to tailor a font vector and find similar fonts to that vector. A demo can be seen here And our entire dataset is here and you can run the demo yourself, all under MIT license
Matt Silverman
Very awesome tool. However, it seems the terms and conditions need to be updated related to this logo tool. As-is, the ToC seem to indicate that any content you create is still owned by Launchaco, and you have no rights to use or even download it it without explicit permission:
Cameron Rohani
@mattsilv Working on this tomorrow. Apologies.
Alex Minkov
@cameronrohani Not sure if this is also being worked on but the downloaded ZIP file only contained an info TXT file with some credits. No other files were included in the archive.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Hope this doesn’t charge fee for making the logo or downloading the logo , have experienced with every logo maker out there on google
Marc Laventure
@ayush_chandra This is 100% free :)
Dre Durr💡
I am so impressed by what you guys have been building. It keeps getting better and better. Dope🚬
Aidan Hornsby
Fantastic work on this guys. Love how easy this is to use, and what a great complement to Launchaco's core product.
Josh Best
Yah I can get behind something like this. I drop on average 300 bucks anytime I need a logo done which is just way too much for a startup before you really know what direction you’re going to even end up.
Khairul Akmal
Thank you! You guys are my saviour and this happened exist right after I had a very good deep thought of a product ❤️❤️❤️
Khairul Akmal
Thank you! You guys are my saviour and this happened exist right after I had a very good deep thought of a product ❤️❤️❤️
Shit this is good. Launchaco screams beauty and quality. Extraordinarily impressed.