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InVision Studio Platform

An early look at our new App Store, Asset Library, Open API

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Clark Valberg
Clark from InVision here. I’m excited to tell you about the next big milestone for the InVision Studio Platform—a new app store, asset library, and open API. The app store lets you seamlessly connect Studio to the design, productivity, and collaboration tools you and your team use every day. Our asset library is the best place to get ui kits, components, icons, and typography—everything you need to take your screen designs to exciting new places. Our mission is to give every designer in the world access to the most seamless digital product design workflow ever created. We’re kicking off this announcement with an all-star group of partners, including Atlassian, Google, Salesforce, UserTesting, Getty Images, Dribbble, and many, many more to come very soon! Join us and become a Studio partner by signing up for our Maker Program. Don’t have Studio yet? Get access now!
Pablo Stanley
@clarkvalberg So pumped to see all the amazing stuff that the community of makers will create—infinite possibilities!
Ben Michel
@clarkvalberg @pablostanley absolutely! The incredible value of this platform will be continually unlocked as more and more amazing makers make it their own and build things that drive the design community forward. This ecosystem belongs to everyone! 🙌
Marek Rycerski
@clarkvalberg looks great! 👏 when we will be able to test it in the beta? 🚀
Shreyaa Ratra
@clarkvalberg Would love to check it out.How are you planning to reach out to users/companies ?
Ryan Hoover
Everyone's building an App Store! (I know, hyperbole, but not long ago Intercom announced their Messenger platform) This makes even more sense why InVision started a $5M fund to invest in design tools.
Clark Valberg
@rrhoover Bingo
Guus Hoeve
@rrhoover Thanks for that info! didn't know they had a fund for this kind of stuff!
John Traver
Congrats Clark!
Clark Valberg
@_johntraver Thanks John!
Donny Harding
I love using InVision and I will be excited to explore the App Store on my next project.
Jeremy Bauer
Dang, this looks great 🔥✨✨✨
Nachum Kligman
More Awesomeness! Don't know how they do it!
Adelle Charles
Congrats Clark & team!
Vikas Ranjan
Invision Studio has this strange issue which renders strange dashed lines on the text. I informed about it in the first release itself (and a bunch of other issues) and it's still not fixed. Not sure how they expect people to adapt it despite having this big problem. The whole thing seems bizarre for a company like InVision.
@vikasr111 Bizarre, but not unusual.
Fabio Prati
Hi! The new app store within Studio looks inspiring and promising... just great! You're building a giant, I think it's natural to have some flaws here and there. Hope you'll manage to address them soon so Studio may really shine and unleash its full potential! IMO it feels like the main and only Sketch challenger at this moment!
Michael Ellis
I knew this had to be coming but still very excited to hear some news about it. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 How can beginners designers use?
Joe Anderson
Is there a link to more info/docs on the open api?
Paul Knittel
Kinda disappointing how something like this announced so big, but as a user you can't actually get access to it yet (yes even with access to the beta preview). Btw that's totally fine but not if it's promoted & marketed like it already exists. Just my 2 cents. Looking forward to see how this can compete with the vibrant Sketch community of plugins.
Daniel Roger Casanova
Hello, will invision ever have functionality of making app prototypes to real code like is doing?
Markus Hafellner
Sorry to be a downer but all this new shiny functionality doesn't matter if it's only for Mac users. For Windows you are living the mantra "over promise and under deliver". Was hoping that Invision finally is a company that recognizes that not every person working with designs/prototypes is working on Mac.
Tony Sargeant
Any word on the Windows friendly application???
Pros: I don't know,I'm windows user Cons: I don't know,I'm windows user
Jake Tran
Where's Window version? ;(
Great! It's like Unity engine but for UI and Prototypes. The AppStore sounds terrific.