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Discourse 2.0

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Amrith Shanbhag
Congrats on the launch @codinghorror @eviltrout 😸 Is it too early to ask what you guys have in mind for 3.0? 🤔
Erlend Sogge Heggen
@amrith we don't really do large sweeping releases. There wasn't actually anything different about this release compared to 1.9, 1.8 etc. we just decided to bump it to 2.0 instead of doing 1.10, same as WordPress, our spirit animal ;)
Arpit C
Really cool. But what are your thoughts on companies abandoning their forums to move to a Facebook Group? I have seen this happen a lot, of late.
Mattias P Johansson
@irhymeth What exactly are you basing this on?
Arpit C
@mpjme For example, Chatfuel moved to a group from their forum which I believe (not 100% sure) ran on discourse.
Mattias P Johansson
@irhymeth So when you say "companies", that you've seen "happen a lot", you actually refer to one company? :) Here is the story of one that went the opposite route: https://blog.discourse.org/2017/03/moving-from-facebook-groups-to-discourse/ My friend moved his synth forum off Facebook groups to Discourse: https://www.simplysynth.com/login Discourse is a popular platform for private forums for creators that run Patreon pages (and Patreon is growing a lot).
Arpit C
@mpjme We at Integromat have also made the move and I know many companies that are setting up Facebook or Slack groups. I never questioned the use cases of a forum, they are awesome. But they don't seem to work very well for SaaS products. It's very hard to keep engagement high and people have to wait a while to get answers. Facebook groups on the other hand are always in the moment and I've experienced this both as a user and as an admin.
Matthew Boogaard
@mpjme @irhymeth I don't see why you would want to hand over control to Facebook. Especially given Facebook have control of all data and users and a tendency to make changes to functionality without consulting. I guess it depends on your use case.
Arpit C
@boogsau One word: Engagement. For SaaS apps, people visit the forum mainly when they have a problem and that is a big problem Facebook does not have as people visit anyway and when they see a post they can help with, they respond. And then they see more such posts and they respond more. I have experienced this first hand and the difference is massive.
Mattias P Johansson
@boogsau @irhymeth Facebook groups are great in many ways, but the problem is that you're putting your main communications channel totally hostage to Facebook. I used to run a very big Facebook fan page, which we invested a lot in, and two years later we basically have to pay in order to reach our own audience. This will, without doubt, also happen to Facebook groups as well. If someone is switching from forum to chat (discourse -> slack) then they were using the completely wrong category of product in the first place, not really migrating from one product to another.
Arpit C
@boogsau @mpjme I understand your concern totally, but all I can say is nothing lasts forever and Facebook groups has been instrumental in the early growth of several products. Once such tool is Chatfuel and ManyChat followed suit. You just need to be in the group to experience the energy and the camaraderie, they are infectious. Hence I think right now Groups are great for early stage companies that need a lot of user education to experience growth. It might not be true for a CRM software but for us at Integromat, it will play a very important role, I believe!
Mattias P Johansson
@boogsau @irhymeth I understand you fully, I created and moderated a Facebook group with tens of thousands of members, I'm aware if it's power. I'm not trying to argue against that. But am trying to describe to you the hidden cost of what you are doing. You are locking yourself in with a partner, Facebook, that has proven itself to hold your needs as a creator/group owner extremely secondary. Their loyalty is to their actual customers, which are the advertisers. Eventually, you will have to pay (lots) to reach your own audience. I can say that with great confidence because that is what happened with Facebook pages. The great thing about Discourse is that I am the one paying them, and therefore, they hold my needs as their needs. If there is a problem with the forum, I email them, and they fix it. If there is a feature I need, I can request it, and they listen, and talk to me. They might not necessarily implement it, but I do hold significant influence and I will be heard, which is not something that can be said for Facebook groups at all. I understand that you view this as an "early stage" thing but you cannot migrate off Facebook groups. You can go from Discourse to Facebook Groups, but not the other way around. Once you go there, Facebook owns that relationship.
Ryan Hoover
LOL at the "GDPR Enhancements" in the feature list. 😊
Mattias P Johansson
@rrhoover Why? GDPR results in a number of features directly beneficial to end users.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Happy to check it out soon
Love Discourse. I’ll be implementing this soon.
Erin Billy
Been watching Discourse since the beginning. Great growth and adoption. Anyone have comments on moving from an old-school forum (vBulletin, PHPBB, Invision, etc.) to the new breed of forum software coming out, such as Discourse, Flarum, Mightybell, etc.?
Kevin van Zonneveld
Congrats, I love Discourse! I'm still hoping for a disqus-like comment widget. I'm already using Discourse for comments on our oss blogs (like https://uppy.io/blog/2018/06/0.25/) because I like us to own our own data, no ads/datamining, and see comments as a good onramp for deeper community forum discussion. That said, currently you have to click and navigate away to leave a comment, and we saw interaction drop by >90% after switching to that from Disqus. I'm okay-ish to pay that price for said benefits, but it still hurts :) If we could just have a text area instead of that "Start Discussion" link, I think life would be perfect.