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Scrambler S

A vintage off-road electric bike ⚡🚲

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Scott Bowler
In a word: wow!
Erin Billy
Seems like this is being marketed more as a motorcycle.
Boris Berenberg
Absolutely gorgeous, but costs more than an actual scrambler would...
Tom Frazier
Definitely full of style. The price though! It's well beyond ludicrous mode.
Panos Lee
Yes good market it as a motorcycle. Make more and make them bigger. The more electric vehicles we see replacing internal combustion ones the better our future will be.
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
@pasapounakis Amen
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will surely check it out
Flavio Estevam - UPVOTED please ;)
Paul Tomkinson
Super cool. 7G tho, wowza 🔥
Paul Stephenson
Compare the range of this to a 'proper' e-motorcycle like Zero and this is actually more practical
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
He literally doesn't pedal even once during the video. At what point does an e-bike become an electric motorcycle?
Erin Billy
@ggiaco Yeah, I'm not sure how I would feel with this coming up behind me in the bike lane.
Ryan Farrell
Man this is really cool but... Pros: it's amazing and I want one, gimme. Cons: That's about as much as a cafe racer costs. Might be advantageous to make it cheaper to drum up a market? I dunno, I know very little about motorcycles. Looks cool.
i find it's fantastic!
Noah Wieder
$6995 before options. They are nuts. There is so much competition for ebike/Scramblers and the off road category is starting to go off. The Onyx Motorbikes are half this price and have scrambler kits.
Michael Musgrove
When Segways aren't nerdy enough for you and you're afraid of motorcycles.