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Eli Or
Why is this here when it’s coming this fall?
Manny Orduña
@frenchie_m Agreed. They really need separate sections for products that do not exist yet, or a clear identifier of it in the tags/color scheme
Josselin Colletta
@frenchie_m I’d say for makers, iOS 12 was released yesterday. If you’re building apps or products based on apps right now, you might want to get into Xcode 10 right away to be ready for the public this fall :) (ARKit 2 is what I have in mind, as my studio is starting to work on it right now)
Matt Gardner
@frenchie_m @josselinco Yes, we're going to be getting this so QA can take a look ASAP/.
@frenchie_m it’s not here in fall, it’s here now. I installed it on my device this morning.
Simon Bromberg
@frenchie_m @manny_orduna there's a little (clickable) greyish circle next to the name that indicates it's pre-launch. But I agree, it's not very intuitive. PH often features pre-launch products though.
carlos garcia
@frenchie_m Should be 11.5 it's a mediocre update with minimal update s that people care for. So they improved notifications, ok, a whole new release simply for notifications? Skipping and waiting until iOS 13
Gui Valadares
@frenchie_m Apple releases its beta iOS for registered beta users. This is the reason why so many people already have it. It can be dangerous due to beta bugs, though.
James McKinven
I'd say overall a launch that comes with many useful features, but should have been an 11.5 update, rather than a brand new launch. None of the features are innovative, when you consider what Google are offering. I love my Apple products and I am not looking to change very soon, but I wish they could offer something different and innovative.
Fabian Frey
@jmckinven What did Google offer that's so much more innovative? I think Apples new Digital Wellbeeing / Privacy Features are way better than the ones from Google...
James McKinven
@fabe_45 Machine learning, AI, actually using new technology that can benefit us in long term. Apple - grouped notifications, group facetime & a ruler. Come on Apple.
Anh Nguyen
@jmckinven How do you define a feature that will on benefit us in short-term then? They're not going to add grouped notifications, group FaceTime or a ruler temporarily. If by long term features you mean those that are larger than an UI update then there was Machine learning in Siri notifications and Shortcuts as a Siri overhaul alongside with the major AR update.
James McKinven
@pwign blimey. Siri shortcuts were just a reason to delete the Workflow app, not innovative at all. Siri notifications is something Google has been doing for years. What you're not understanding is that I love Apple, I have an iPhone and I am not going to change. The system is just more stable for me. I am also not complaining, I just wish Apple would bring out some actual 'new' features in a major update, instead of just regurgitating Google features.
@jmckinven I think this statement is pretty crazy. No-one is offering the privacy and “screen time” benefits of ios12. I think they are pretty game changing pieces of functionality.
Justin Scheetz
@jmckinven @mickc79 Not to mention they explicitly said about a month ago (to set expectations) that this update was a stability and performance update and that they pushed major features off until 2019. iOS has gotten buggy and slow. This year is providing an update to fix those issues. The fact that they're able to pack what they did on top of that is great. Looking forward to 2019's update!
Gabe O'Leary
@jmckinven @mickc79 The privacy functionality can be accessed using a variety of mobile web browsers. The "screen time" is nearly identical to which was announced last month and is already possible on android with a variety of applications.
@jmckinven @golear web browsers and applications.... this is baked into the OS. Very different.
Gabe O'Leary
@jmckinven @mickc79 wellbeing is baked into the you know what it is? It literally is the exact same feature as the one you mentioned...
Ricky Kang
@fabe_45 @jmckinven I hope you know that CoreML (Machine Learning) was introduced in iOS 11, and works great!
James McKinven
@fabe_45 @heesuk_ricky_kang I didn't know that! That is pretty cool. My point still stands, however, from a neutral perspective I wish that Apple would bring out some more 'innovate' features that no one else has done before. Instead of taking something that has previously been done, improving on it, or just playing catch up. I remember watching the Apple keynotes and was in awe of the revolutionary things they were doing - I'd just love to see that sort of Apple back.
Ryan Hoover
What are you most excited about for iOS 12? I'm a big fan of the do not disturb features that were introduced. They're a relatively small feature but have the potential to make the device less noisy, more calming.
Jeremy Bauer
@rrhoover Ditto on the do not disturb features 👍✨
Andrey Tsarkov
@rrhoover Parental control is nice when kids are addicted. Let them blame machine but not you 💪
Fatima Sarah Khalid
@rrhoover screen time looks cool!
Joshua Jansen
@rrhoover yes! +1 on the do not disturb updates. Especially the bedtime mode 😴 #2 for me is grouped notifications.
Ola King
The combo of do not disturb + Screen time + Shortcuts will had extra hours to my day! 🕺🏽
Pritesh Pillay
@rrhoover SubtleTea of the small changes adds up to a lot without disrupting the users experience.
[deleted user]
I like the small little updates on the iOS with better DND, notifications, photo sharing suggestions, redesign of Apple books & group FaceTime but this don't seem qualifying enough from iOS 11 to 12. Infact, any of the updates doesn't seem like a stepping stone towards anything bigger in the future. Guess - they needed time to better 'unstable iOS 11'. One more thing, the website of iOS 12 excited me more than the iOS 12 itself. What do you think?
Jason Diaz
@varungandhi_1 didn’t they advertise iOS 12 is mostly about stability and not new features?
[deleted user]
Not sure @jxslepton. Did they? The first time I met iOS 12 was on Product Hunt which led me to apple's website which said: More Power To You. iOS 12 is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful. Here are some exciting new features and improvements coming to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. I then scrolled over all the exciting featutes & said to myself - Okay 🙄.
David Bentley
How do I downvote?
Sam Ayres
Francesco Fiore
Despite the fact that these features don't look so innovative or big for a new release I think this iOS12 will be really great. Performance together with everyday useful features such as Stacked notifications w/ Quick Setting, Do not disturb, Siri Shortcuts. I think that Google has a different approach with R&D than Apple. Apple is a design-driven company they're not rushing to release new features, they care about making an OS that's a joy to use. Google instead loves to release than optimize on the market.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! Hoping that it gives the devices some battery boosts and increase the performance. I’m curious about the features Launched will be supporting the iPhone 6S and above devices apart from the new iPhones
Eric Fettner
Anyone have any word on battery life improvement ?
Alain Ekambi
Still no Web RTC inside de webview ?
Pete Thompson
I was quite underwhelmed. A memoji? Hmm
I wish they redirect their manpower from memoji, to, like, absolutely anything else ;) Anyway, I’m quite happy about the update as long as it would really run faster and be more stable. (but I DO want my dark mode for iOS too...)
Pros: None Cons: Apple no longer innovates
Marco Diversi
Just got my beta on my SE and it looks very promising!!!
Nick Kamyshan
Sup everyone! Do you experience overexposed brightness on your iOS 12.0 devices?
Viraj Gusain