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Who are the best VCs for your startup?

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Amy Lin
👋Hi Product Hunt Community! I'm one of the makers and a previous founder. We built this to find the right VC faster. Answer 7 questions about your founding team, your company, and connect to your network. You'll then get a shortlist of the VCs who best match with you, including your #1. This is a tool created for the community by the community so we would love to hear what you think. Try it out and get to your right VCs faster, today!
Peter Levin
@heyamylin congrats on the launch, Amy! Small bug: results aren't getting served up if the 'ref=producthunt' parameter is included in the url.
Amy Lin
@petalev oh good catch! Fixed now. :) lmk what you think using VC Match!
Ryan Hoover
How do introductions work, @heyamylin? Are these VC's opting into receiving messages or is there another way of managing inbound.
Amy Lin
@rrhoover Introductions are made through a trusted mutual connection of the Founder and VC.
Pradeep M
@heyamylin How do you find out if the mutual connection is a trusted connection? I'm assuming you use the Gmail graph for finding mutual connections. In that case, wouldn't it just be someone who I have emailed in the past? (may or may not be trusted)
Karen X. Cheng
This is awesome. Will share it with my founder friends... wish I had it when I was fundraising. Where is the data from?
Amy Lin
@karen_x_cheng The data is self-reported from the VCs and community driven from Signal, the Founder-VC network with over 4m+ connections and 6,700+ VCs on the platform. This is the v1.0 of the matching algorithm and we will continuously improve it as more Founders use it and give feedback.
OMG this is amazing! Thanks @heyamylin. Have you thought about having the connections through Linkedin?
Amy Lin
@marlasg Great idea and something we've thought of but LinkedIn's API doesn't support that functionality! :( If only!
Stas Kulesh
Surprised that neither Australia as a whole nor Sydney, a rather busy hub, are not on the list of possible HQ locations. Any reasons for that?
Amy Lin
@stas_kulesh Hey Stan, we are definitely going to add more geos so great feedback. The VC data for geos like Australia is not comprehensive at the moment so we didn't want to add it in, leading to bad results. We would love your help in getting that data more complete. Ping me amy at nfx dot com.
Erik Torenberg
Congrats Amy, James, Kevin, and Team! Love this service for founders and we plan to share it with our portfolio. How did this product idea evolve in the past few months?
Sameer Sontakey
Awesome tool. Great job, guys! 🔥
Patrick Muhire
To the makers i love you guys thanks
Earnest Sweat
Great concept and something that is needed in the market to help all founders identify the right investors!