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Growth List

Supercharge your growth through B2B Email Marketing

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Ian Naylor
We created this product off the back of running this email strategy internally. Having shared details of the success with some Growth Hack groups, we were encouraged to share more. This started with a detailed step-by-step guide from sending over 12m emails, the strategy guide is here: We then went a bit further and surfaced the data and GrowthList was born. We hope you guys find this useful, we're thinking we might expand this service to support the full growth hack ( but would love to hear your feedback on how it could be used for you, or what you would like to see added....
Pritesh Pillay
@ian_naylor but like isn’t that kinda shady?
Pritesh Pillay
Don’t know why that posted twice
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! How’s it different from others in line ?
nice one