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Marvel for Keynote

Transform slides into interactive prototypes

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Murat Mutlu
Hey PH! We've launched the Marvel API a couple of weeks ago and our team has been working on sharing a bunch of open-source projects to inspire and showcase the range of amazing things you can create. This simple integration lets you upload your Keynote presentations to Marvel to create prototypes from slides or simply collaborate easier and get feedback. Grab the code: Or the docs:
Dmitry Gorbunov
Great project but please add support of older macos versions!
Murat Mutlu
@graciasterminator Hey Dmitry, thanks! What version do you have?
Dmitry Gorbunov
@mutlu82 x.10
Ari Arsyadi
@graciasterminator hear hear.. :)
Ryan Hoover
This is clever, @mutlu82. I know many people use Keynote for visual mockups/clickable prototypes. This leans into that behavior and workflow.
Murat Mutlu
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Yep we hear that from a ton of users who work around design teams (or who use Keynote for wireframing/interfaces) Felt like a great way to experiment with the API and a problem that needed to be solved
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Super useful and handy
Anais Olivares
I don´t have a mac :( but i think this is heplfull , congrats!