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Sounds UI Good

100+ UI sounds for mobile and web apps

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Amrith Shanbhag
Where are you sourcing these sounds from @theswiftycoder?
@amrith Hey, thanks for your question. All the sounds have been created by myself. Before switching to mobile development I was an audio engineer/producer.
Sitati Kituyi
Really cool, crisp sounds. I've just bought the pack for a minimalist Android game I'm working on, I think it'll work perfect. Edit: ha, a sound from the demo that I really liked & wanted for "level completed" is actually called level_up_alert.wav
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
David Fastuca
nice work!
Lee Qixian
It wasn't long ago that I was looking for such sounds for a web app of mine. That said, I found many with the CC0 license (basically no copyright). What will make me attracted to this sound list would be easy categorization of the sounds maybe a simple tagging system or something of that. Is there anything like that if I purchase it or it is just a compilation with all the sounds as seen in the screenshot you provided?
@swiftpolar Hey, I've added a tag to the end of the file name under what I thought it's use case could be. "What could be an alert for one project could be a toggle for another". Where a tag doesn't exist it's up for personal interpretation ;) Regarding copyright, you're free to use the sounds in commercial and personal projects. This includes changing the key, warping or speeding up. Hope that helps!
@swiftpolar Would you mind sharing where you got your sounds with CC0 license?
Lee Qixian
@pranapps I googled it and came to know of You can then search and filter via the license type.
Richard O'Brien
Great job, good crisp sounds to add to your project are always hard to find :)
Jake Wang
Does it contain some keyboard pressing sounds?
@jake_w There are some sounds that can be used for keyboard actions. You would need to shorten the play time in your app. Hope that helps.