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Day Night

A desktop app that kills the procrastination in you.

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Sanjevi Rau
Hey Makers, I'm happy to announce Day Night for Windows, a desktop app that shows you the time in percentage to kill the procrastination in you. In case you feel it's familiar, it's an inspiration of Year Progress, Motivation and Progress Bar OSX project. I will let you know why and what inspired me in doing this project. 📖 Why I started Day Night? The obvious reason is that I was really inspired with the Year Progress, Motivation and Progress Bar OSX project idea. I believed using that apps will kill the procrastination in me. But the one thing all the apps have in common is, it's not available for Windows! Unfortunately, I only have a Windows machine. So I asked myself, do beautiful and useful productivity apps can only be developed for Mac? Can't Windows have beautiful and useful apps too? I challenged myself. 🌟Features • Shows today, month and years progress in percentage • Awake Mode : Let you set your own preferred time to show progress • Sleep Mode : Notifies you to sleep when awake time over • Theme transition : Automatically changes theme according to day time and night time • Always in tray : Percentage and mode are always displayed in tray in Windows • Dock & Undock : Use Day Night as a widget in desktop or use it as in tray Heavy works and lots of time have been put in doing this app alone, so I do appreciate if you let me know of what you think. If you like it, do support me buy purchasing the app for only $5, limited offer for PH great beings! Cheers!
Stephen Leung
what a useless app lol
Menachem Pritzker
I like the idea, and can see how some would find it helpful. I myself would want to have the ability to put in specific tasks with specific deadlines, and see percentage elapsed until the deadline is up
Ryan Hoover
I know people that use router blockers to accomplish a similar goal across all their devices (and for their kids, too).
Kris Puckett
@rrhoover Yup using self-control that I altered to block certain lists forever.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! Very useful and handy.
Joshua Pinter
Beautifully designed. Great job. I wish Flux's UI was this appealing. :)
I still don't know how it works. Your website has no information at all and I don't know what this "A desktop app that shows you how much time left in percentage." even means. The video doesn't help either.
David Dias 🌴
@blazbreznik I totally agree!
Albert Puigarnau
I love the music in your ad