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Ugly Email for FireFox

Get back your email privacy, block email tracking

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I've just downloaded this and can't wait to benefit from it, while I understand why read receipts are useful it is annoying when you want to just read a message without being chased etc. Do you intend to keep it free forever? @sonnyt
Sonny T.
@abadesi exactly! Also these pixels are a major privacy concern, they share your personal info like location, ip address and device maker without your acknowledgment. Yes, Ugly Email will be free forever, not intended to be for profit or for sale :)
@sonnyt Thank you for a great tool!
Sonny T.
Hello Hunters, At Ugly Email, we're proud to announce our new integration with Firefox Web Browser! After receiving feedback from many of you requesting that we expand our Chrome extension to Firefox, we decided to give you the convenience and security of protecting your emails and privacy in the browser that you chose. Best,
Mad Mat
Marketers will hate you... which is usually a good thing :)