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POGs: The Mobile Game

The '90s craze is coming to mobile

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I remember my elementary school had to ban pogs because we were all so crazy for them, I'm so excited to see them making a come back! How did you make this idea come to life? @sam_park1
Sam Park
Hey @abadesi! A lot of persistence is the short answer! They were banned in my school too, so I felt like I had unfinished business with POGs. All games start with an idea, so we had a big head-start in that respect. So we spent a lot of time making sure that the game could be deep enough, have genuine progression, upgrades and skill elements to keep people coming back for more. We want the game to be fun and easy to pick up. We have also spent a lot of time recreating the cool designs from the original game. We want the original POG collectors to get a proper nostalgia hit when they open the app. And since we've hit the news we've had a lot of brands get in touch with us who want to help bring POGs back. POGs were known for working alongside 3rd party IPs back in the '90s, with loads of pop references, so we're planning on doing the same with POGs AR. Watch this space!
Ryan Hoover
Reminiscing the holographic unicorn slammer I used to proudly own