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Vue Native

A framework to build Native Mobile apps using JavaScript.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @sanketsahu, Can you tell us a bit more about what you've built here?
Sanket Sahu
@jacqvon Vue Native is a framework to build truly native Mobile apps. It is shipped with a compiler which converts .vue components files to React Native components. It also glues the other pieces of Vue like Data Store, Injection etc to the React Native components. The original project was started by SmallComfort We (GeekyAnts) have forked and added a CLI, improved the bundler, added directives like v-model and more. It is not officially related to Vue and Evan You (the creator of Vue) finds it interesting Also, the support from the React Native community has been equally great!
Karan Ganesan
@sanketsahu that's very impressive ! It's time Vue users rejoice !
Jamie Gordon
@jacqvon @sanketsahu i am totally confused as to how i can import/use native to access the accelerometers, camera, other app links etc with this? from the docs i can only gather that its only one way vue->native and not vue->abilities<->native
Ratnakar Shukla
I really love vue native at the moment, it's so easy to setup and start making apps
Yaël Guilloux
What a great news for Vue enthusiasts :-) Thanks a lot!
Alexandra Perşea
Why would one use Vue instead of React Native?
Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière
@alexandrapersea React is pain and suffering
Chris Frantz
@alexandrapersea @tttiiibbbooo
Alexandra Perşea
@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight Honestly, I'd love to argue on Vue vs React but it wouldn't be the most productive use of our time. At the end of the day, you can choose whatever framework and IDE suits you best. Maybe React is suffering because *cough* *cough* you don't know javascript
Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière
@frantzlight @alexandrapersea Ahahaha I do know Javascript however, but I guess I'll have to admit I don't like to *cough* *cough* overcomplicate simple state management and component communication. Suits me best!
Simon Bromberg
@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight @alexandrapersea isn't this still javascript…?
@alexandrapersea My personal preference is Vue because I don't like JSX. Creating your templates in whatever templating language you like is a pleasure (pug, amyone?). Also, I think the less fragmented nature of the ecosystem (vuex, vue's redux) leads to less compatibility issues and bugs when people start loading up their dependencies.
Csaba Kissi
@alexandrapersea There are big communities around Vue. e.g. developers around Laravel, the most popular PHP framework prefer Vue. I'm Laravel developer myself and doing some Vue stuff, so its easier for me to try mobile apps development without learning another front-end JS framework.
Joshua Pinter
@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight @alexandrapersea @shimmb Doesn't this compile down to React Native components? So you've got Vue Native -> React Native -> Native
Lee Qixian
@alexandrapersea There are people that swore that React is impossible to learn. I don't see why though.
Alexandra Perşea
@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight @shimmb Yes, it is. In my opinion, people say that they like Vue better because it's more simple/straightforward/easy. You could say you're writing Vue not javascript, or at least that's how it feels. Usually when a framework is easy/straightforward/workslikemagic you're also limited to things. I feel like React gives you more freedom. Anyways, to explain my joke: Saying that you prefer Vue over React because it's more simple is like saying you prefer Wix or Squarespace (website builders) over html because html is overcomplicated.
Alexandra Perşea
@tttiiibbbooo @frantzlight @shimmb @joshuapinter Yes, it does. You could say Vue Native is a wrapper over React Native which is a wrapper over Swift.
Alexandra Perşea
@csaba_kissi I get your point, but javascript is javascript. It's like saying you don't want to deal with postgresql so you'd rather have a mysql wrapper around it. No matter how good the wrapper is you will run into compatibility issues and you will be limited to the wrapper's capabilities. And saying that you know Vue but not React is like saying you can work in Laravel but not in Symfony. Php is php. I guarantee you that it will not take you more than a day to get used to a framework if you really know the programming language and design patterns.
Zack Hickman
Does it work with React libraries like a BLE library for example?
Sanket Sahu
@hickmanzackary Yes, you can use all the React Native libraries like BLE, Push Notification etc
Any examples of using it with Apple & Google in-app purchases?
Sanket Sahu
@cprins_ You can check any React Native example of that. It should work fine with Vue Native.
Any examples of using it with Apple & Google in-app purchases?
Moti Weizman
Does it work with Jquery ?
Sanket Sahu
@motale No, it doesn't have a DOM, so jQuery won't work!
Konstantin BIFERT
@motale don't want to bash or anything but why would you use jQuery on top of Vue ? For some specific functions like `ajax` ?
What is the difference between Vue Native, Weex and Nativescript-vue? I need one of them for a project.
Igor Randjelovic
@sandochee Vue Native compiles to React Native under the hood - react native is a fairly stable project, but Vue Native isn't, this doesn't mean you shouldn't use it, just be aware that it's relatively new. Weex is a direct Vue -> Native implementation built by Alibaba - a giant company. A few top apps in China are written with weex (that's a lot of users) - which means that the framework is battle tested! Only downside to weex is that there are not many resources for English speaking users. Finally NativeScript-Vue (full disclaimer I'm the author), it has been around for about a year now, we hit a stable release in february this year, it is built on top of NativeScript, which allows you to directly access native code within JavaScript, this is one of the features that makes it stand out a bit from the others. NativeScript itself is battle tested, there are a couple apps with lots of users that are built with NativeScript (not NativeScript-Vue), and recently there has been a few apps published in the stores that are written with NativeScript-Vue. At this point it's up to you to choose the one you like the best - take into consideration the available docs / quality of the docs, and the available tooling to make it easier to work with. I would say ReactNative has the best tooling of the 3 at this point, but that's hopefully going to change soon with NativeScript-Vue...
@igor_randj Thanks a lot for your answer
Gijo Varghese
VueJS -> React Native -> iOS/Android! One more reason to move from VueJS to ReactJS!
Konstantin BIFERT
@gijo_varghese ???
Ooo, started working with Vue JS recently, this is good to know :)
Roland Horváth
I didn't know how much I wanted this in my life. Genius
Siddharth Kothari
Awesome work @sanketsahu, can't wait to try it out!
Dj Lee
This is not even official vue native :/ So better ignore this shit and use RN instead. Peace!