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Basic Seed Deck

Very simple way to structure your seed deck

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @maxence_drummond, What's your favorite aspect about this project? And what kind of feedback have you gotten from users?
Maxence Drummond
@jacqvon Thanks for your message! I won't be very objective about my favorite aspect about this project as i hunted myself ;) I just wanted to provide entrepreneurs with a very simple and short model of seed deck they can play with. Of course it can be changed depending on your business. For instance if you don't have much data validation from the market, you can skip one the of "customer behavior" slide. I have used this model for most of the companies I have helped, and it worked pretty well so far! :)
Thanks for hunting. One notable omission on your deck is market size, is that on purpose? @maxence_drummond
Maxence Drummond
@abadesi Thanks for your question! To be honest, I find it always funny when I see a pitch deck with a big figure for market size ;) so what? What matters most is what can you achieve on the short run because your investors are just going to invest for a 12-24 months period most of the time. However, you can mention indirectly some market figures in the problem slide saying something like "XX% of companies/people experience this issue..."
Baptiste Dubois
Great ! Thank you !
Ruben Distinguin
Very informative presentation. Great content, thanks for sharing @maxence_drummond
sylvia gallusser
Great basis... but a little light on the content ;) I prefer your cap table!