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Resume Keyword Optimization Tool for Job Seekers

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @nickfrancioso, What made you want to create this product? And can you tell us a little bit more about it?
Hi @jacqvon and PH members. Thanks for allowing me to be here. When I was career hunting after serving in the Army for five years I wasted countless hours comparing my resume to job descriptions. This inspired me to create SkillSyncer, a web app that intelligently matches a user’s resume to a potential job posting. The resume is reviewed and scored for multiple factors including hard and soft skills, important keywords, work experience, education and word choice. Ultimately, job seekers can utilize SkillSyncer to align their resume with a specific job posting and increase their chances of getting noticed. Match Score SkillSyncer scans an inputted resume and job posting to deliver a computed match score, which is the percent that the resume matches the job posting. Scores resume similarity to a job posting as a percent out of 100. Hard Skills, Soft Skills & Keywords Compares a resume to the keywords in a job posting and displays the results for: 🛠Hard Skills 🤝Soft Skills 🔤Other Keywords (e.g. business) Review the hard and soft skills from the job posting that are absent from a resume in both table and graph formats. Degree Match 🎓By identifying the required or preferred advanced degree, this allows the job seeker to ensure they have the right qualification before they apply. Resume Report SkillSyncer also creates a report based on common issues found in a resume. Analyzes a resume to provide the following evaluations: 🔢Word Count ✉ Email Address 📞Phone Number 📌Accomplishments 🗣Word Choice 🤠Personal Pronouns 🧐Years of Experience Resume Scan History 💼View prior resume scans and track improvements over time. Thanks for checking us out, I have also included a discount for Product Hunt members for 20% off the first months payment. Use code PH20P at checkout. Thanks again.