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Find co-travelers for your next journey

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Nikolay Siabrenko
Hello Product Hunt👋 I am finally completed my first project. Last two years I very wanted to launch something interesting on Product Hunt and now this day has come 😁 Last summer when I started preparing for the vacation and looking for people who travel with me. And what happened? — All my friends, colleagues busy or travel with family or have the inappropriate budget for the trip. And so I decided to travel alone. What I met problems when traveling alone: 1. Prices on hotels > ~20-30% if you live alone 2. To travel alone is bored 3. Traveling alone is not safe That's why I build Tripi. With Tripi you can find co-travelers for your next journey and automates some routines tasks before you start. I have many more features which I integrate to project in next few weeks, first it's trip group chats and recommended trip hotels and tickets. Today I want to show you MVP of my project and get some feedback from others and hear their opinions. P.S. Initially, this project was just for mastering new technologies
@nikolay_siabrenko Congrats on launching, what plans do you have for growing the community in the early stages?
Nikolay Siabrenko
@abadesi Thanks. When I launched MVP of project(current) I was hoping to get first community from Product Hunt and take feedback for service. After that I will finish several features(create group trips chats and integrate booking and tickets API) and launch advertising. This is the first time for me, so I'm studying marketing and other things for growing my project :)