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Instant access to 2M+ Influencers worldwide

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Hello Product Hunt, We have created an influencer search engine to help SMB and agencies discover the best influencers. Now you can identify (almost) every YouTuber in the world and have access to highly detailed data. We have over 2 million creators in our influencer network which reach over 2 billion people all over the world. Here's a highlight of Stargazer best feature so far: - Search by refined metrics - Access influencers’ demographics data - List creators’ contact details - Create list and export selections Free Trial and special discount (-25%) for the PH community! If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to ask or share.
@antoineforest Thanks for hunting! How do you help brands find the most relevant influencers for their campaigns?
@abadesi We provide highly detailed YouTuber metrics to help brands in their selection of influencers. Adopting a data-driven approach is essential if marketers want to scale influencer marketing. Stargazer Search allows brands to search influencers’ via several targeting parameters, including country, number of subscribers and number of average views. It also offers access to the influencer’s audience demographic data, and predictive analytics, in terms of how many views and how much engagement any given influencer is likely to deliver. Search results for each influencer include full contact details, including personal email and social media profiles. Users can organise search results into lists and export the data.
Suraj Hemnani
@antoineforest Congrats! Looking forward to celebrating the launch next time you're back in Wynwood.
Thanks @surajhemnani! Will be back in July. :)
Jm Glez de Rueda
Congrats @Stargazer! The influencer search is really easy to use. It helped us to identify potential influencers in the Spanish market in less than 2 minutes.
Adelaida Parsyan
ahhhhh this is fantastic, great idea. Can you add an area with all social and website links? Kind of like supafanz app has where they list all links be it wikipedia, official website, fandom, spotify, instagram etc? That would be awesome