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Oak Meditation 2.0

Meditation and breathing exercises

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Kevin Rose
Hi all. Thanks for taking the time to check out Oak v2.0. This new version has been redesigned from scratch. Every tile / badge has been hand painted (watercolor) then scanned into the app. We've also updated streak counting and achievements. Aside from the visual changes, we've added guided Loving Kindness meditation (aka metta meditation). This method dates back to 400 BCE and we're excited for you to try it. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions. Next up: Android, connected device integration (Oura, Apple Watch), and additional meditation disciplines.
Szymon Boniecki
@kevinrose Wonderful, thanks for building it.
Chris Moore
@kevinrose Why did you rebuild? Can you share a little on that?
Jeff Eisley
@kevinrose looks good but bring back the navy background for the icon, I already have too many white icons as it is lol
Christopher Sherrod
@kevinrose Nice design. So zen. Love it.
Kevin Rose
@chris_moore1 we wanted a design that would be less utilitarian and support more meditation disciplines over time - the left to right scrolling help with that.
Francesco D'Alessio
@kevinrose Congrats on the launch, will be reviewing soon!
Benjamin Mock
@kevinrose That looks awesome! I hope the android version will be out soon. If there's any need for beta testers, let me know ;) Especially great is the oura Integration!
Justin Johnson
@kevinrose Beautiful UI. The fact you guys took the time to hand paint some of the app elements is evident. Definitely an app I could see drawing people into the world of meditation, because you've made it interesting.
@kevinrose already excited for an Android release since I first heard you talking about your meditation app on the podcast. Can't wait - please let me know if/when you need any early testers for the app!
Ben Levy
This looks awesome, @KevinRose!
Trevin Chow
@kevinrose Love the app. My only wish list is that it vibrates during certain breathing routines so I don’t have to look at the screen to know when to switch from inhaling and exhaling.
Kevin Rose
@trevin I'll add that to the list for a future release, great idea!
Ana Mouratidou
Beautiful design!
Great stuff. Can you release an Android version as well, please?
Ryan Hoover
I love how you've been keeping your beta users up-to-date with previews of new features and updates in your Facebook group, @kevinrose. This is certainly helped build community and loyalty to Oak but how has it shaped the product?
Kevin Rose
@rrhoover The facebook community feedback helped shape literally hundred of edits to the guided meditation tracks. If you think about how most meditation apps work, there is a recorded track and you listen to it, there is no user feedback. With the facebook community we collected hundreds of surveys post meditation (also if they canceled a meditation). Based on those surveys, themes emerged around the wording our instructors were using, the pacing, even the type of chime sounds we were using. After several rounds of edits the overall score (1-10) increased and we ultimately shipped a much better product.
Jonathan Courtney
Hey everybody! So excited that this is out in the world! I'm working on a "making of" video from the design POV and will post it here when it's ready to go next week! For those who are curious, we used Figma for most of the production work.
Kevin Rose
@jicecream I can't say enough good things about AJ&Smart. They were great partners and really drove the redesign and layout. LOVED the sprint progress with them. Highly recommend if you're looking for a design partner.
Jonathan Courtney
@kevinrose Cheers man! Was a pleasure working with you, made it super easy for us!
Tony Threatt
The design refresh is 🔥
Jonathan Courtney
@tony_threatt Cheers Tony!
Rob Thorpe
Love the first version, looking forward to trying out 2.0 Kevin!
Adam Kerpelman
Big user of Version 1, stoked to play with 2. Keep it up!
Brenden Mulligan
Amazing! What made you go with Loving Kindless meditation next? Good experience with it?
Richard Maaßen
Can I leave my email address somewhere to be notified of the Android release? This looks so beautiful! :)
Gil Akos
I used to practice meditation regularly as a part of training in martial arts and can say the mediation guidance here is really good. It'd be cool to expand the guided meditation content and maybe even draw influence from martial arts masters.
Jonathan Churchill
Consumers need various options to practice meditation. This new version will give people more choice and is a solid product. Totally recommend!