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React, meet design

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Chris Messina
So hyped! Reserve your spot in line...
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @koenbok & @jornvandijk, Can you tell us what aspect you're most excited about in the project?
Mr X
Product of the Day, LOL
Allen lee
Any one of the 98 people who voted this tell me what is it? Thanks.
Ozgur Ozer
@allenleein You can read the blog post from here.
Tomas Hertus
@allenleein @ozgrozer I'm still not sure what it does....
@allenleein Framer is a high fidelity prototyping tool. Framer X means that it will now work in a production environment using React.
Joshua Pinter
@allenleein @shuenw I use Framer and React, and I still don't get it. What does a "production environment using React" mean? Is it going to output to React Native or something?
Tomas Hertus
@allenleein @shuenw What does "production environment" mean? Do I get the ease of framer in conjunction with react-native? Am I going to be able get finalized applications from FramerX? I mean, I really like the framework and have been using it for prototyping, but I don't understand the hype around nice website without clear value prop...
Allen lee
@ozgrozer Thanks Ozgur, but im still have no idea ....
Hugo Villain
Most exciting React news of the year, I can't wait for 14k people to get it before myself <3
please make use of React Semantic UI components !
I love using Framer and I love React. My biggest complaint of the last year has been the inefficiencies of coding something in Framer and then having to recode it in React. I hope this allows me to create actual react components in Framer and pull down existing ones from production. Design could be entirely responsible for the front end. Dreamy...
Darko Stanimirović
@matthewkulp That's been my issue with Framer, working in a small team at least. It takes time to code things in Framer, only to have developers recode it again. (And often inaccurately) If I can connect Framer X with our React component repo, use those components to quickly lay out a prototype – therefore, always using latest versions – and then on top of that create custom designs and interactions, that seems like interaction designer's dream. Although I'm not fully clear on how it will _actually_ work. Wish there was a simple prototype/demo. The video seems to just showcase Design tool?
@darko_stanimirovic completely agree
Gary Fung
Why? There's already
Stepan Kacirek
@garyfung Did you also tried
Gary Fung
@stepnn no I haven't
Darko Stanimirović
@garyfung There was already Photoshop, so why Sketch? Or, there was already Sketch, why Figma or InVision Studio?
Gary Fung
@darko_stanimirovic Because React Studio for one isn't old and doesn't look like a kitchen sink of suck, and this Framer X isn't showing me anything new of substance on why is it awesome. The video here is almost all marketing fluff, and hence seems just a me too. Disclaimer: I haven't used React Studio or this, I'm just opining on what I'm seeing. I'm in the weeds with React Native for @WonderSwipe so I'd love to try UI prototyping tool for RN, not React (web)
great prototype tool !
Why isn't this launching in fall if it's only coming out then?
Linton Ye
My speculations here :).
Branden Thornton
Stoked to get the chance to check this out! Working as a product designer I think this would help productivity between myself and developers.
George Norris
Launching in Fall, why not just post this in the Fall then...
Dallas Peters
I. LOVE. THIS. So excited for its future. I've been two days in with the beta and am having so much fun. If you work on a team that designs products you will want to add this into your workflow soon.