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Programmatically send physical mail and verify addresses

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Nick Baum
So far they seem to be focused on marketing and business opportunities, but I'd love to see more consumer-focused offerings: gift cards, photo books, posters, etc. So many consumer products could offer these things if it were easier to integrate printing.
Dan Friedman
I recall their sales guy telling me they do print posters. If you're interested in those products, that may be possible. I would send (a different) Dan an email - dan@lob.com.
Nick Baum
Good call, I've been meaning to ping them about this.
Frank Denbow
I used them for postcards in my mailings to customers. Had a few rough points since it was just when they started but they handled everything well and improved the product a lot recently. I think they have a great service, the key for them is finding the best use cases so that they can print money. With the ability to do so much it may be hard for folks to pick out what exactly they need from the service. I'm a believer.

Welcome to intelligent mail.

Lob's powerful suite of APIs delivers robust automation and scale for anything with a stamp.

Now you can program and control physical mail just like e-mail, from automatic triggers to lightning-fast delivery and everything in between. The result? A more timely, relevant, and personal customer experience that's fully automated and trackable. If it's mail, Lob does it better.


Achieve scale for complex, labor-intensive, expensive processes that no one likes doing. Just set it and forget it.

Print DeliveryNetwork.

Lob automatically routes print requests through our vast network of vetted printers, so mail gets to its destination faster than ever.

Dynamic control,for every detail.

Forget rigid templates—our personalization makes your data truly variable, so you can iterate quickly, easily make changes, and do multivariate testing.

Powerful dashboardand analytics.

Trusted by great companies.

A million ways to use it.

Lob is the best platform there is for turning Address Quality and Direct Mail into competitive advantages for your business.

Address Quality

Address Verification

Address Enrichment

Direct Mail

Compliance Notices

Be audit-ready.

Billing & Payments



Seamlessly add Address Quality and Direct Mail capabilities into your applications using Lob's modern REST APIs.

Smarter mail starts with Lob.

It's dead-simple to get up and running, and our experts are here to help at every step.