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Zack Reneau-Wedeen
Zack here from Google Podcasts, a new Android app for discovering and listening to the world's podcasts. Over two billion people use Android, and we believe Google Podcasts can help double worldwide podcast listening over the next couple of years, primarily through seamless integration with the Google Assistant and AI-powered features starting with personalized recommendations. There is a full blog post detailing the announcement, as well as some PH-specific details below. Quick feature summary - Recommendations for new podcasts get more personalized as you use the app, based primarily on subscriptions and listening habits. - Progress is synced through the Google Assistant, so you can pause on your phone and resume on Google Home, and vice-versa. - Standard features like subscribing, downloading, and changing playback speed. App FAQ - Available globally in all 47 Play Store languages. - Over 2 million podcasts indexed. - No iOS app available today. - No change to the existing podcasts experience in Google Play Music. - Guidelines for podcasters Creator program We're also announcing a program to help promote inclusive storytelling in podcasting. As the industry continues to grow, it's especially important to help cultivate and empower diverse perspectives for an increasingly numerous and diverse listener base. There are additional details in the blog post, and we’ll be rolling out more specifics later this year. We encourage you to fill out the online form if you are interested.
Tim Knight
@zackrw Any plans for an iOS app?
Binoy Xavier Joy
@zackrw Missing the blog post link. I guess this hunt went live earlier than expected :) @abadesi
Owen Williams
@zackrw This is so fantastic, I just want to say that it's great to have some serious game from Google here in a space that was only Apple before today.
Benjamin Mock
@zackrw - "Available globally in all 47 Play Store languages." seems not to be correct. It's not available in Germany.
Roberto Filippi
@zackrw not available in Italy :(
Joseph Callaars
@zackrw not available in the UK :'(
Dylon Smith
@zackrw What about Chromecast support? is it planned? Also, is there any plans for a web app?
Ivan Brezak Brkan
@zackrw Hey Zack, would love to do an interview about the app? How can I get in touch? :)
@zackrw Just listened to my first podcast using it - great experience so far, thanks! I hope there will eventually be some sort of history or log of what I've listened to. Often I'll want to go back and find something I remember listening to, because eg. I may find myself telling a friend about it and they ask me to send them the link. Or even just to check out a shows' notes when I get some time the next day.
Zack Reneau-Wedeen
@abadesi @binoyxj Sorry about that. Blog link fixed now and app available everywhere.
It occurs to me that the Google My Activity page would be great for this! It just needs to add support for Google Podcasts.
Daniel F.
@zackrw when do you think it will be available for Android auto?
Benjamin Mock
@zackrw @robertofilippi Check again! It's now also available in Germany, which was not the case this afternoon. Anyhow, the app itself is quite disappointing. It lacks a lot of features, you'd expect from a podcast app.
Jon Watts
Podcast availability Podcasts are available to Google Play Music listeners in the United States and Canada.
Özkan Altuner
@wattsjonc I wonder, why an app for podcast is only available for USA and Canada? @zackrw
Mário Rui André
@wattsjonc @zackrw @ozkanaltuner because... the rest of the world does not exist
Zack Reneau-Wedeen
@wattsjonc @ozkanaltuner @mruiandre The app is available everywhere, sorry for the mix-up. Agreed podcasts are for everyone!
Jon Watts
@ozkanaltuner @mruiandre The app is *now* available in UK. @zackrw Thanks for sorting that out. Producthunt for release management testing #winning :-)
Is it already available in France ?
Zack Reneau-Wedeen
@bleton Should be in the Play Store now. Thanks for checking it out!
Jonathan Völkle
Podcasts on Android was always a pain; Google is now one step ahead to Apple by providing a solid app and directing users to a podcast in the search. "We're also announcing a program for podcast creators to help promote inclusive storytelling in podcasting." Also something different to Apple; Apple opening the analytics, but way to slow. Supporting creators is gold (sponsorships, ads, etc.) ! Would love to see a Anchor-Google-partnership for more small, indie podcasts.
Binoy Xavier Joy
This is so cool. "Progress is synced through Google Assistant, so you can pause on your phone and resume on Google Home, and vice-versa."
Ryan Hoover
Glad to see you and team working on this, @zackrw. As you've mentioned before, FAR more people on iOS listen to podcasts in large part because of the pre-installed Apple podcast app. Good to see Google offering its own option to convert more people into listeners. 😉
Sahil Sardessai
Link isn't live yet in the Play Store (U.S. and India).
Zack Reneau-Wedeen
@sahilsardessai Live now, sorry for the mix-up.
Sooraj Chandran
It says link is not available - Location is Germany
Harry O'Grady
🙌 hope this rolls out to more countries quickly!
Zack Reneau-Wedeen
@ogradyharry Live now, hope that is quick enough :). Thanks for checking it out!
Great news, can't wait to check it out and say goodbye to clunky iTunes for my weekly podcast
Dan Dan
I'm getting a 404. I'm in the US. Anyone else not able to access it?
@tostartafire It will go live when its officially announced at 9am PST
Chris Short
Yea... Not on iOS either. The whole world isn't rejoicing here.
Rhonda Fairman
I don't see it in Google Play. Is it available in Canada?
Riel Roussopoulos
broken link?
Josh Sabol
My #1 problem with every. single. podcast. app. is the lack of discoverability *within* podcasts. When someone recommends a new podcast that has 300+ episodes, I want to immediately know which is the best shows to start off with. I want to be able to search for keywords within shows to see which episodes are right for me. If Google Podcasts can do this (and if they make it available for iOS), they'll have my business. @zackrw
Patrick Quinn
@joshsabol46 I agree, and I’m not sure Googles offering solves this (does look pretty though huh??). I’ve been thinking about this problem a lot of late for Broadcast (my own podcast listening and social discovery app for iOS). Is being able to search for keywords in transcripts of the episode what you’re looking for?
Josh Sabol
@patrickjmq Two examples of what I'm talking about: Recently, I was curious about why Peter Thiel's viewpoints are so controversial in Silicon Valley. Tried searching his name in Apple's Podcast app and Overcast. Results were useless. I had a friend recommend I listen to Acquired (shouts to @gilbert and @djrosent - love the content), but when I went to their page I had no idea where to start. They only had like 30 episodes at the time. This problem is way worse for older podcasts like @twistartups Hope that helps
Patrick Quinn
@gilbert @djrosent @twistartups @joshsabol46 okay I see exactly what you’re talking about and you’ll be happy to know I’ve been working on a solution to both of the above. I’d love if you would use Broadcast and let me know if I’m fulfilling your needs or at least getting close.
Ben Gilbert
@patrickjmq @djrosent @twistartups @joshsabol46 Great call. We're considering recording a trailer to give some more info for people who stumble upon Acquired, but I agree - the tools are tough at the moment.
Pascal Alberty
It's now active in Belgium (17:00 CET)
Gabriel Szanto
You made my day @zackrw! It's time for Android to enter the podcast scene. Very good alternative option for my podcast listeners now 🎙🐓
Avi Lang
What's the difference between this and the Google play app?? Why use this and not the Google play?
Nagarjun Palavalli
Abridged list of things I don't like about this app: - The UI focuses on showing me a tile of podcasts I've subscribed to. Not sure why I want to see this first. I know what podcasts I subscribe to. Show me the "New episodes" list first! - No Chromecast support - Can't queue up episodes - Doesn't show me which Google account it's using to synchronize my data - No web UI? What I like: - Search - Speed and recommendations
Matthew Morris
@palavalli I've only just started playing with it, but your abridged list about sums up my concerns. I'm saddened and surprised it doesn't have Chromecast support.
Xavier Rosee
@palavalli summing up my frustrations too. No Chromecast or Android Auto support is crazy for a service that touts "catch up to where you stopped". Inability to queue up episodes is also a big no-no, since I'm mostly listening to podcasts in my car. Feels like it got shipped way to fast and not fully baked. Looks pretty though!
Fatih Sokmen
App seems to be buggy on Pixel 1. It can't restore on orientation change and I am now unable to open the app anymore and crashing on each launch.