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Zeplin 2.0

Connected space for product teams with components and more

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Alexey Sekachov
What's new: 1) Components 2) Renaming assets 3) Revamped Dashboard with larger thumbnails 4) Consistent export order from Sketch 5) Filtering notes 6) Reordering colors in Styleguide 7) Selecting multiple assets and downloading them at once 8) Adding description for projects 9) Revamped Styleguide interface
Shreyaa Ratra
@ceylanismail, @merihakar, @berkcebi A quick thought if you have started with B2B : a) Track companies who have recently raised funds. They are going to spend money on products which can help smoothen the work of their product teams. b) Track companies who are hiring for product managers. If a company is hiring, it means it is spending money on product team and again would be happy to use products which can improve their efficiency. LMK your thoughts on this and also how are you targeting the companies.
Julián Abad
@shreyaa_ratra good ideas
Pelin Kenez
@shreyaa_ratra These are great insights Shreyaa, thanks!
Amazing product! congratulations!
Berk Çebi
Hello, hello! I'm Berk, one of the co-founders. We see Zeplin as a connected space for product teams where they can share designs, generate specs, assets and code snippets. One of the biggest things we care about is that Zeplin generates these resources tailored for each platform including iOS, Android and Web, even frameworks like React Native. It's been almost 3 years since we launched 1.0 right here on Product Hunt. Today, we're super excited to launch 2.0, with components and a ton more goodies. The components feature is a step towards design systems for Zeplin, where designers can export symbols from Sketch and they will be listed under the new Components tab of the project Styleguide. When engineers select a layer that’s inside a component they can quickly see the component name and a link that will take them to it. Can't wait to hear what you all think! ✌️
Oliver Ruebener
it's the right direction but far from being very useful. I prefer what Invision does with Design Systems Manager. They give you a rich comment editor that helps you describe each component and also allows you to add code. That way it can become a documentation for the frontend engineers, where they can go and copy paste the code for each element.
Michael Riddering
@oliamazing I recently used Invision DSM thinking that it would replace Zeplin but I was actually really disappointed in the UX. Decided that Sketch was best even though I was manually creating artboards that contained all of my components. And then 3 days later Zeplin released "Components" and now I'm 100% hooked. Invision Studio may change this but for now I couldn't be happier with your team @berkcebi
Oliver Ruebener
@ridderingand_ initially I was disappointed in DSM too, they didn't even let me delete things, once they were imported. It has already improved I think
Please include tvdpi in the next version...