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Measure anything with your phone. Made by Google.

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Haven't really followed these recent AR developments but noticed a lot of apps having sense of space and dimensions like the IKEA app for AR furniture placing or various AR rulers in the app store. I assume its a bit simplified through some API of the AR kit for developers, but I'm really curious on how it works under the hood since it has no real scale reference. Can someone do a quick ELI5 to get a quick overview?
Douglas W. Lance
@arquason It can measure distance. Both AR SDKs know how far apart things are. Apple does it with two cameras. Google does it with two adjacent light sensors within a single camera.
Hmm.. Not available to download in my country (Netherlands)
Ryan Hoover
RIP rulers
Justin Johnson
@rrhoover Taking "googled it" to a new level.
Ryan Hoover
@justinotherjohnson ha! Well said.
Duarte Martins
@rrhoover Disrupting the ruler market
Just S
Bummer for @MoasureOfficial who was there first and will have a hard time competing with a juggernaut. Or maybe they ensure that Moasure is the better experience and benefit from the increased awareness 🙂
Sad... Not available in India? Or is my latest Nexus incompatible?
Siddarth Kengadaran
@ashwinkumar_k It is available for phones which support ARCore.
Wojciech Grześkowiak
This app works only with ARCore supported devices:
Seb Jachec
Presumably this is to match iOS 12's built-in (ARKit) Measure app, announced at WWDC
Josh Krauth-Harding
No iOS app, huh? The native ruler app war begins.
Chris Cole
This is amazing.
Leonard Pospichal
Where have I heard that before? 🤔
Wonder which android version does it need? Doesn't work on Android Oreo
Siddarth Kengadaran
@ilia421 It works on ARCore Android phones
@s1dd4rth oh ah the android fragmentation strikes again!
How'bout a tailors tape. Doesn't break and doesn't need version upgrades and my grandma can use it.
Jermaine Williams
James Corbett
Surprising accurate!