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Graeme Fulton
This is a great resource! Signed up and looking forward to the updates!
Carol Skelly
@graeme_fulton Very nice. I think a templates/themes/layouts category would be helpful.
Jess Eddy
@graeme_fulton @carolskelly Thanks for the suggestion Carol! Are you referring to HTML templates, or Sketch templates or just templates in general? Thx!
Daniel Roger Casanova
Loving the UI! How did you code this? Would love to have some directory websites for different niches! Love the simplicity of the website and navigation
Jess Eddy
@danirogerc Thank you, Daniel! I used Bulma, I recommend it!
Guillaume Bardet
Nice! I am not sure if it was on purpose but I went to the 'Stock Photos' tab and I noticed Unsplash and Pexels weren't the first two options. I found that quite nice for the eight above them :)
Jess Eddy
@guillaumebardet Yeah, they are quite well known - it's nice to share the good real estate with some other sites!
Cam Burley
This is so cool and useful!
Jess Eddy
@codecamcode Thank you, Cam!