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The Growth Handbook

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kimia hamidi
Would love to grab this but the landing page isn't sending it out.
John Collins
@hkimia Want to drop me an email at john at intercom dot com and we'll sort you out?
Lee Qixian
@hkimia @jaycee001 Same here. Says something along the lines of adblocker blocking or something like that. Using FireFox without any ad blocker still the same.
Dee Mirai
@hkimia @jaycee001 Same issue. FWIW, I've always had issues downloading content from Intercom — I think I tried downloading the Customer Success book four times before I gave up.
Sam Dickie
@hkimia - iv'e tried Chrome and Safari and still can't download it
John Collins
@dee_mirai and @thisdickie Can you drop me a mail and will sort this out for both of you? john at intercom dot com
kimia hamidi
@jaycee001 Just sent you an email, thanks for getting back to me :)
Peter Dziedzicz
Another great piece of content from Intercom!
Great timing for me!