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Your personal posture trainer at work

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Mariusz Szyma
Hello fellow Product Hunters! Curie is on a mission. We see a lack of awareness especially among young people about the dangers of sitting for too long. That was also the main reason why we came up with the idea for Curie. I was sitting the whole day at my job, and after that, I was working on my startup. This lead to serious back issues, without ever knowing what the consequences are and being ever since a healthy and fit guy. Curie wants to help you prevent any health issues by being proactive and more aware of the health risks. As a big fan of the Product Hunt community I would like to give 2 free months of Curie :) to anyone who messages me at Enjoy! Mariusz
Matt Gardner
@curie @donmario Hey there! Shooting you a message. Also I think Product Hunt gave your site the hug of death, you're down right now :(
Nguyen Manh Truong
@curie @donmario @thatmattgardner guess so many ppl join your app
Peter Dziedzicz
Great idea Mariusz, this is small but real life problem, especially when you're working long hours. Thank you!
Mariusz Szyma
@pdziedzicz Thanks Peter :) , actually this problem is getting bigger and bigger as we spend more time sitting. Hope that you never will have to face this issue :)
Raphaël Chabaud
Great idea !
Mariusz Szyma
@raphchabaud Thank you :)
Rahul M
I think this will be a good app for Apple Watch 🙂
Mariusz Szyma
@rahulmfg Hi Rahul, yeah would love to do a version in Apple Watch, as I myself I'm using it. Currently we are lacking funding for this so let me know if you see any potential $$$ to get it done ;) Enjoy! Mariusz
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Nice product, but why does your chrome extension need so many permissions? It's scary.
Mariusz Szyma
@aviggiano Hi, access to your browsing history is necessary because Curie can based on that identify if you're browsing the web and are not idle. If you're not browsing the app recognises that and starts automatically a break. Is basically for break tracking without you needing to press a button :)
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
@donmario Hey. Thank you for the prompt response. I see what you mean, but I'd rather it to only ask for Notifications permissions and to use an alternate method to check if I am not idle. Or even ignore that feature and just assume I am working. Personally, I will only use this extension when I am actively working (as I work from home), so I am fine by just pressing a "start/stop" button, especially if that means reducing the number of requested permissions.
Samarth Goatfarm
Great idea Mariusz
Ivan Hristic
This app has a definitive potential to finally make me do something about my posture and I am more than amazed whit its beautiful simplicity so that is a solid upvote. On the downside, I really dont get why on earth does chrome extension need my browsing history. That is a bit intrusive for an exercise app if you ask me. All in all, it seams like a very nice app!
Mariusz Szyma
@ivan_cypher_hristic Hi Ivan, I've actually explained this in a post earlier, but we will double check if there is anything that we could remove in the sense of permissions. Thanks and enjoy your healthier life :)
Peter Bauer
Hello. Cool idea. But wha can curie read my browsing history and manage my apps?
Stefano Pisoni
Guys! Super cool idea, I was looking for something like Curie from different time! Good job! :)
Mariusz Szyma
@stefano_pisoni Thank you :)
Gabe O'Leary
I like the idea but I doo have an issue with the permissions requested by the extension. Couldn't you use the idle API to accomplish the same thing you describe in your other comments?
Joshua Voydik
I love this. Nice work.
Curie Kim
Hello! What's the story behind the name? haha
Daniel Williams
Onboarding seems to be down. Product hunt hug of death. D:
Lisa V Hofmann
Would love to have it for my firefox. Is it planned for firefox, too? :)
Ben Novak
What's the difference from OfficeHealth app? ( )
Sooraj Chandran
The app is down?
Christian Jensen
Would love to try it but it seems the site is down, so I can't register
Scott Foster
Cant create account, increased stress level.
Excited to try this out as a compliment to the other fitness/health changes I have been making. Just added the extension and will update here with feedback after a week or so
Dany Marrache
Does it work for someone? It cannot even open the register page...
Harry Fear
@danemare No!