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Interactive worldmap of visa-free travel

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Idan Rom
Dear Makers, The idea is great although already exist. but your UI is whats make the difference. one question for you guys, why is all of Israel is showing up as Palestine ? is it for political reasons? is it coming from ignorance ? awaiting your comment.
Hasan Gündoğdu
@idan_rom Zoom in as much as you can maybe you edit your comment since there's no maker I reply instead of the @computingfreak no offense taken or given, peace!
Damn! Thank you so much for making this!
dude, the no Visa required is almost the same color as the Visa required on arrival. that is bad ux. more importantly, this website is misleading. for example, travel to the US to europe doesn't require a visa for short stays. but once you decide to stay there a couple of months, you need to apply for a Visa
I like the idea! I agree with echoes2099, the colors need some adjustment to improve the UX. The greens are also quite confusing and I find myself referencing the key way too much. Also some delineation of the countries would improve UX too.
I'm loving this.