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Congrats on launching - please tell us more about how you find the artists who create these, they look so cool @sztufi
Zoltan Szilagyi
@abadesi Hey! In short, we approached illustrators both locally in person, and worldwide through the internet. We asked them to provide proof of their skills, and decided who we hire based on the samples they provided.
Roman Eaton
Hey, @sztufi - great idea! Excited to look through to try, but there is only paid options and it is ok. Interesting to look for real results comparing with the photos.
Zoltan Szilagyi
Hey! @roman_eaton Thanks for the compliment. Our idea was to create personalized avatars, and, after looking through some options we thought this is the best way to do it, because as you said, illustrations like these yield an interesting and unique result.
Naimey Kaplish
Website is not opening up.
Zoltan Szilagyi
@naimeykaplish93 @naderdagher The traffic we are currently experiencing is way higher than we anticipated. and our servers are currently on fire. We are doing our best to fix it, meanwhile could you specify what kind of error message are you getting, that would help a lot.
love this~!
Zoltan Szilagyi
@dollyshlin Thank you!
Nader Dagher
Website is down!
Marvin Hassan
I'm wondering how well this scales? How fast can you guys produce similar avatars?
Ben Ho Chin Ching
@marvin_hassan Maybe using AI later on again?
Zoltan Szilagyi
@marvin_hassan Hello! The standard format is a 2400x2400 in JPEG, and .PSD, which should be big enough for the normal use. If you need it in vector that has to be specified beforehand, and it will be handled as a custom order(which costs more than the standard). We deliver these usually within five days, but that can vary based on the traffic we're experiencing.
Marvin Hassan
@zodgerhaouer thanks for the reply, but by scale I actually ment how quickly can you produce a large/growing number of avatars, for a large/growing number of customers. Not the file dimensions.
Nemoy Rau
I kind of wanted a WSJ style hedcut...I would have paid for that :)
Ryan Hoover
I haven't changed my profile pic in ~8 years. But I'm aging. In another 5 years, it might look a bit deceiving. Maybe I should go cartoon. 😁
Zoltan Szilagyi
@rrhoover Eight years? In Europe that's how old a second grader is. You should definitely get one.
Benjamin Lupton
Anyone else find it ludicrous that just below their sales pitch of why you should use a custom avatar, they have their testimonials from two people who aren't using their custom avatar.
Hereripene Baker
Hey Guys - I already am. A movie of #AOTEAROHA called **MOANA** ...a masterpiece which I say thank you to #WALT #DISNEY on behalf of HER Whanau. Have a beautiful day. I AM.
Vaibhav Lall
The website seems to be down still(courtesy- ProductHunt :P). All the best guys! :) Waiting for it go Live again!
Website is not opening 🙁
Zoltan Szilagyi
Hey! @navienaveen @vaibhav_lall Thanks for the information. After some digging we found out that the server was attacked multiple times, and blocked a few countries to protect itself. We are working on fixing this issue.
Dan Dan
I've paid for similar services before, and would do it again. The cartoons look great. I think what would help sell more of your service is to post more examples of the person and matching cartoon.
carlos garcia
Got so exited, thought it was a free app download, take a photo and done.
Andrew Delaware
@zodgerhaouer What is the difference between your app and getting this done by someone on fiverr?
Vladislav Arbatov
Placed an order yesterday. Haven't received any confirmation or any feedback since.
Zoltan Szilagyi
@vladzima Hello! The confirmation email, might've ended up in your spam folder, please check it there first. If you already did and it's not there, or if you are experiencing problems of any kind, you can send us a massage via our contact page, or by clicking on the "do you have a question?" button at the bottom right corner, and we will do our best to solve it. I suggest to contact us there so we can keep your information in private.
Vladislav Arbatov
@zodgerhaouer Thanks. I found your confirmation email in spam. You might consider looking at your dkim and other DNS settings to prevent this.