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User Flow by Flowmapp

A simple tool for creating User Flow Diagrams

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Andrey Severin
Hey, FlowMapp users. Great thanks to all of you and support of FlowMapp development. Today we release second major FlowMapp function on Product Hunt — User Flow! We would appreciate if you joined in on our page’s discussion, as you will have good insight on User Flow. Beta testers highly rated UF, so we hope to be in Product Hunt TOP again. To celebrate this launch, I'd like to offer you a special Product Hunt promo code: WELOVEPRODUCTHUNTERS for a 30% discount for every yearly subscription. Let me know what you think!
Hemant Jani
Product looks good, User flow made easy @severin
Andrey Severin
@techovarya thank you!
Jakub Juszczak
I can not signup because I have a + sign in my email and it keeps telling me that I should enter a valid email.