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Great UX! I used it following their featuring on TC. I tried two use cases: -what could happen in my current city -and if I was looking to relocate from Paris to San Francisco or NYC as Head of Product. For your current city, it's awesome, even if you're not looking you have some insights around your salary against other members (Glassdoor-like) For relocation, it isn't yet suitable but I hope it will be!
Kaarel Holm
@benj_malartic Hi. Thank you for the kind feedback :) . Relocation is a feature we are planning to release in the upcoming weeks - stay tuned.
Martin Giura
MeetFrank meets a real need with a very original concept. I agree with Benjamin, great UX! I tried it for USA but the main focus is in Europe. Hope people from US start to join too and can find it valuable. Maybe at least you could add US as a country instead of other. Do you have any plans to enter the US market?
Kaarel Holm
@martingiura - Thank you for the feedback. All major US cities are available via app - unfortunately we do not have too many offers in US. We are working hard to build up offer base asap.
Rashidi Barnett
@martingiura @kaarel_holm - I'm in the US. Just signed up, we'll see how it goes!
Anthony Da Mota
Damn, that's a UI and UX I love. Thanks!
Kaarel Holm
@akdm_ Thank you!
Great UX. Opens boundaries for future apps where conversational UI takes over the typical static windows / forms. Interesting stuff.. There are possibilities of taking the conversation further and getting more info about the candidate regarding work ex and skill sets.
Stan Podolski
The most ugly interface I saw. And there is no way to test it except to give my phone #. And Frank keeps talking shit instead of giving me an opportunity to ask anything
Tony Brix
@ipstas Exactly what I was thinking. There should at least be a way to tell Frank to shut up and just give me the useful info instead of waiting for useless gifs to scroll up slowly
Gene Maryushchenko
Very cool app, love the UX. If I may suggest, it would be cool to have an option for Remote opportunities only. It seems with the current options you can look for "remote opportunities" but not restrict to remote only. Other thing I was confused about is the salary screen in the stats section where it ranks you compared to others. Is the figure here monthly? I would like to see annual figures too / instead.
Nastya Verba
I love this idea :) But is it work correctly? When I gave my email, the link what I got was the same as your's landing :)