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Create reactive AR apps without code

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Philipp Wüthrich
Oh so this is like Lens Studio?
Sakunthala Panditharatne
@phippuuuu Yes, a bit! But unlike Lens Studio, which is built around filters, Asteroid is built around reactions. Asteroid apps are more responsive to stuff the phone senses .
Ryan Hoover
Congrats on the launch, @sakunthalapanditharatne. 🎉 This reminds me a little of Lobe, which has one of the best landing pages I've seen in a while. Do you have examples of others that are using Asteroid in their apps?
Krishaan Khubchand
@sakunthalapanditharatne -- would this work w React Native as well? Or only w Swift?
Sakunthala Panditharatne
@krishaan_khubchand We're working on getting Javascript support - but it's only swift for now