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Itty bitty

A tool to create websites contained within their own link

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Chris Messina
This is so clever. Behold: the power of Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain compression and URL encoding!
Julien Liabeuf
It's not working for me. Clicking the "qr code" link takes me to a 400 error page on
Valerio Neri;charset=utf-8;bxze64,XQAAAAI2AAAAAAAAAAAeGgqG70rXGSUZcKy6tRK/NTOm8sJizTlEGZaj7vrcG/6voBkg1X/dD6Juduz///KmdAA=
Filippo Mursia
Mm am I missing something or when you share a link the Edit button is always visible? So anyone can edit. I'm sure I'm missing something tho.
Romain Sourdiaux
@mrdobelina yeah I think it's normal. The way I understood it: If someone "edit" the page it just creates a "duplicate" of the original page with new content. The orignal page will always be accessible via its original link
@mrdobelina The website is contained in the URL. When you share your URL, everybody will see what you typed. If someone edit the site, the URL changes.
Matt Smith
@mrdobelina Remove the ? from the link and the edit button is removed! Cheers!
Timur Badretdinov
Cool idea!
I am just wondering, what might be the use cases of this?
Steve Faktor
@vsnthv Yeah, looks interesting, but sort of like a disembodied tweet. Realistically, most of which you could do by publishing a SimpleNote.
The Swearing Developer
@vsnthv I've thought a few here on my blog:
Francisco J. Renó
It seems amazing and fun... I would like to see some use cases. 🤔
Genius idea.
Dan Dan
This is really neat. Great idea!
Davis Baer
Great idea! Love it :)
Harris Novick
Extremely 🌊🌊🌊
joshua bradley
♥ this
James Welch
who cares what the use case is? :-) it's a thing of beauty. in a world of bloat, this is beautiful.
@jwelch Aren't things, even small, that don't add utility or value to your life considered bloat? (Just a quippy response to your statement, not a review of this product)
<3 <3 <3
Pol Baladas
Sir, i take my hacker hat off to you. This is beautiful and clever.
Stefanie Grieser
So simple. But useful. Would also love to see use cases.
Coffee Enthusiast 🖥️😎
Dilmer Valecillos
Love it I just tried it !
it`s look so interesting but, i`m go to test it @ home because the firewall installed in my office is blocking some examples and the too