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Because keeping a journal is hard

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Amrith Shanbhag
@jrobins A lot of things happen in a day that might not fit under 140 characters; what if there's more I want to share? Would you allow multiple photo attachments to a log or just one?
Jess Robins
@amrith Thanks for the feedback! I chose 140 characters as a kind of arbitrarily small number. I would be open to expanding it to more, though. I planning on just doing the one photo attachment per day, but I'm also open to the idea of doing more here.
Amrith Shanbhag
@jrobins I get the point of keeping it that short everyday but I'm thinking it'd be cool if there was a way "encapsulate" memories and add them to your day. Could be optional too.
Mo Rajabifard
@jrobins @amrith I like your idea. I think not expanding this limit, makes it easier choice to just write something everyday. But the option to attach a longer essay is a good addition when you feel like it!
Gerard Andrews
@jrobins @amrith @morajabi I have to agree as well, many other options already exist. Staying good at one thing is a plus for this. Possible to Monetize by: 1. Allow users to create a book after 6 months of posts or for every 150 post 2. Ad model like "wetransfer.com" so you can maximize on minimal space 3. have a cooperate option for businesses to use as their motivation board. Stay minimal Jess
Tristan Homsi
I like it! Love the simple design. Some suggestions: - I'd like to see the writing prompt when I go back to my tinythoughts (e.g it asked me what I was proud of today, so I answered, but after submitting my thought and trying to go back to it, I couldn't see the prompt, so my thought made less sense to me) - this would be cool website to show as the browser's new tab -- might be worth encouraging users to do this so they don't churn. I suspect your biggest challenge is going to be getting users to come back daily. - I'd prefer the 280 twitter uses to 140, but I might not know best on this
Jess Robins
@homsit Thanks for the feedback! I really like those ideas. I'm going to add them to my to-do list!
Stephen Headrick
really love the idea of making it easier for people to journal. i use Day One mainly because most of the time, i need more than 140 characters. also, multiple photos per entry and tagging my location, etc. are a must. ( https://www.producthunt.com/posts/day-one-2-0-2 )
Gene Maryushchenko
Your private thoughts centrally stored, what could go wrong.
Beverly Tan
Really love the design. It's pretty and super simple. My fingers are crossed that I remember to keep up with it! A phone app would be really cool. I agree that seeing the writing prompt would be awesome but I like the clean look without. Maybe a toggle like a "read more" or "spoiler tag" type deal that's out of the way?
Peyman Seraj
I like the idea... Word limit is really a clever idea. I like it
Jess Robins
Ok everybody, by popular demand, I've increased the character count from 140 to 280 🎉
Can we ask for a mobile app? I love the idea, but would surely forget to check the diary everyday if it (only) lives on my browser.
Jess Robins
@bandiria Yeah! Mobile apps are on my radar, but I have to learn how to actually do that first :D For now, if you have an android phone, it will behave like a native mobile app with push notifications and things, but iphone unfortunately doesn't support that
@jrobins Nice! Thank you! ✨
David Flatow
@homsit Love this idea as someone who journals. Do you do anything with reminders? I struggle to keep up with journaling sometimes, especially when busy
Smart onboarding! :)