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Unused CSS

Easily find and remove unused CSS rules

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Egor Komarov
Great idea!
Jacob Jacquet
This product is exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. Thanks so much!
Jordan Ford
Was JUST thinking about this last night. Right on time! ETA: The pricing is INSANE.
@jordanatbrogan ETA? Did you mean FYI?
Jordan Ford
@mickc79 Edited to add! :)
Like this. How does it work if your CSS file is dynamically generated from an SCSS file?
Sujoy Chaudhary
This should have been launched 10 years ago!
Adam Greenough
Cool idea but way too expensive.
Saif Al Falah
63$ for the premium plan? That's a very odd (read unusual) price point. So why should I use this instead of using an npm module and running it through a task runner?
Paul Mosedale
Looks good, but pricing is crazy - way too expensive.
Andrey Tkachenko
Its doesn't important when you use global CDN and all general and popular css libs cached on browser many times per day. So, generaly load bootstrap.css from google cdn more faster than custom build of bootstrap.css
Dean Brady
Love the idea and if you are managing site dev at an agency, lots of volume, it could be great. I see this more and more on PH, people wanting recurring revenue streams (which I get) but price them at what they think they are worth based on the effort they put in to develop the tool, rather than what the market will pay. Just my two cents. $5-8/month for a single site (paid yearly) would have got me to sign up right away without a second glance. What you want is yearly subs that auto-renew, at a price point that people will be ok letting renew. Putting this against other things I pay for currently, (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch etc) the pricing seems pretty high. Value vs Cost. Just curious, how did you arrive at the pricing? Something you thought was reasonable or did you talk to various potential customers?
Zachary Reese
This is absurd as a subscription-based product. There are dozens of CLI tools that do exactly this for free, such as https://github.com/FullHuman/purgecss And because they're CLI based you can include it in your task runner so that it only runs when new iterations of a project are built. Compiled CSS shouldn't change outside of new builds, certainly not enough to warrant paying for "daily scheduled optimizations."
Andrew Lee
Brilliant idea! I just signed up to scan and email me the report for https://www.buycustomgeofilters.com/ - looking forward to reporting back what y’all find 👍
Sam Thorne
Daily Scheduled CSS optimisations? Who's updating their CSS daily apart from css-tricks.com?
Blanchet Fabien
I don’t recommand this website. They charge me cancellation fees ( $18) and they never stop the recurring payment after that...
Janar Palk
Not sure if I understand how it works. Can I clean up my css only by scanning the URL? Nowadays it's pretty common and easy to setup automatic deployments and static websites are getting distinct. Especially in the market to whom you are trying to sell to. You should provide API and build subscription around this. So I can use the service when I compile during deployment or better if it's a NPM package so I can integrate (would make it faster too).
Armagan C.
chrome already has a built-in css usage tool, $63 too way expensive to automate the removal process