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Chris Beauchamp
Hey PH! 10words maker here 👋 Don't you just love finding that perfect product you didn't even know you needed? (Of course you do, you're on Product Hunt!) My goal is to bring you new products in a clean, digestible way. Short descriptions help find something that sparks your interest without taking too much time out of your day. Sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter to get 10 word product descriptions delivered straight to your inbox. And, if you're a true startup enthusiast, check out the browser extensions that show you a new product description in every new tab. This is a weekend side project that's just a few months old but growing fast with hundreds of startups already submitted! Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas or suggestions 🙏 Chris P.S. Are you a maker? Submit your product to be included in 10words!
@chris_beauchamp I sent, you immediately demanded money, for a quick posting motivating it so that you have a lot of work
Valerio Neri
I very much like the sleek design
Ross Currie
"Discover new apps and startups in 10 words or less" 10 word description. So Meta.
Chris Beauchamp
@rossdcurrie I had to count it over and over again to make sure it wasn't 11. Would've had to shut it all down if I got called out for exceeding the limit 😆
10words.io is great, simple yet meaningful. Also, Chris is very open to listening at feedback, we shared few ideas, which he literally implemented overnight!
Will Grant
Really neat idea.
Jesper Thomschutz
Been a big fan of 10words from the start - though I may be a bit biased since Monkey Test It (https://monkeytest.it) managed to make the winner list for Week 5 🙊 Love the simplicity and minimalistic nature. One of the few newsletters I actually read.
Andy Dent
ten words many syllables not haiku yet still product poetry
Davis Baer
Nice work Chris :)
Edison Espinosa
Congrats Chris!
Adam Plaga
Hi Chris, great idea and like the simplicity, very refreshing compeering with other directories/listings, just submitted my project:) good luck
Joshua Anderton
I’m a huge fan. It’s a great way to keep up with new products. Saving me tons of time! Thanks!
Gary Livingston
Can you sort by location of their headquarters?
Chris Beauchamp
@thegare no, there aren't many features yet for browsing. I think that will come later as we continue to grow. For now, it's about random discovery and finding projects you might not normally search for. Our current discover section is a neat way to explore: https://discover.10words.io/
Andy Dent
@thegare @chris_beauchamp I think in time it will be more interesting to sort linguistically, by reverse order of buzzwords.
Nippon Roy Nir
if you need upvote please mail me-nippon.roy800@gmail.com
I'm in love with the simplicity of this. Very distraction free. A joy to use. Well done!