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Clearbit Forms

Data powered web forms designed for conversion

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Ryan Hoover
Brilliant idea and this could have a major positive impact on signup conversion. My only concern is that some users may think this is creepy and make them distrusting of the brand/site. Thoughts on this, @maccaw and team?
Matt Sornson
@maccaw @rrhoover Totally valid. In our experience, depends entirely on the profile of the people interacting with the form. If you use the Dynamic Enrichment feature, you can automatically hide any fields where Clearbit has data, and only show those that still need to be filled out. :)
Alex MacCaw
We're excited to announce Clearbit Forms - this one is a long time coming, and lets you build forms featuring: * Company name Autocomplete * Dynamic form enrichment * Automatic Risk score (for removing spammy leads) * Option to restrict to corporate emails only * Pipe to Salesforce/Marketo/HubSpot/Zapier There's an age-old compromise between marketeers and their potential customers: marketeers want as much information as possible, while anyone filling out their forms wants as painless a process as possible. If it didn't reduce conversion, I think most marketers would be happy asking as many questions as possible in order to qualify their customers. Unfortunately, it does! Can you have the best of both worlds though? We think so - that's why we've built Clearbit Forms. As soon as your lead has filled in their email, we'll dynamically fill out the rest of the form with any data we have on the person and/or company. We'll then pipe that form info anywhere you want, such as Salesforce, Zapier, etc. Shout out to @guillaumecabane and Segment for giving us the idea!
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
@guillaumecabane @maccaw impressive!
guillaume cabane
@maccaw Thanks for the shout out! FWIW I've used this in 3 different B2B SaaS startups now, and it consistently improved signup rate by ~20% Simple enough right?
Gilles Bertaux
@maccaw @guillaumecabane Seconded. Been playing with it, it's awesome. And that Segment automatic integration. Only thing missing maybe is a scheduling or at least a redirect to Calendly after submitting the form. If you use for demo generation, users would then able to book the time themselves.
Matt Sornson
@maccaw @guillaumecabane @gillesbertaux Great idea! For now you can set a calendly link as your submission(redirect) url :)
Daeshawn Ballard
Oh, this is super cool.
Matt G.
Congrats on the launch, @maccaw and team! Excited to start piping this into Pickle :)
Hugo Monteiro
Awesome work as usual! @maccaw, any thoughts on GDPR compliance?
Alex MacCaw
@hugo_monteiro Forms will reflect your Clearbit accounts GDPR settings. You can for example block results from the EU. More info here:
Robert van Hoesel
Really nice product, but how can any European business actually use this without breaking the law? Did you implement something around the GDOR?
Matt Sornson
@robertvhoesel Answered below! Thanks for the question :)
Joshua Dance
Is there a way to test it out? I want to see it in action.
Matt Sornson
@joshdance absolutely to create your free account and start testing :)
Joshua Dance
@mattsornson I was hoping for a form I could just enter my email into and see the results without signing up. #lazymuch :)
Thilo Hüllmann
Nice product! How do you solve problems with GDPR?
Alex MacCaw
@thilohuellmann See my comment above.
Matt Sornson
@thilohuellmann @hugo_monteiro @robertvhoesel great question :) Forms references the GDPR settings in your Clearbit account. There you can enable EU person suppression, which limits Clearbit to returning only corporate data. Forms will still use firmogrpahic information from the domain, but return no person data. for more info.
steeve vakeeswaran
Trevor Sookraj is a killer!
Ed Jamal
Where are you getting that data from?
Matt Sornson
@vlographer From Clearbit :) More about our Enrichment product here – and our data collection here
Matthew Boogaard
Looks awesome! Clearbit with another innovative product! As a bit of an unrelated question, do you see Clearbit ever tackling B2C?
Matt Sornson
@boogsau Not in the near term. Staying primarily focused on business data and firmographics for the time being.
Amy Li
Andrew Liu
Great product!
Leo Kim
The Clearbit team really knows how to product-ize their data incredibly well. Huge props
Michael Thomas
Congrats on the launch! This looks great
Henry Foster
Awesome feature here, definitely would like to try this. Is Clearbit as a whole best at serving B2B startups or Enterprise?
Matt Sornson
@fosterhank Hi Henry! We're an equal opportunity data provider :) We work with B2B companies large and small.
Marcus Ellison
Pros: Well designed and fantastic. Nitpick: I wish clearbit had more data for folks in southeast asia/globally.
Sandro Munda
So smart, great idea @clearbit!
Marcus Svensson
Looks dope as everything else with Clearbit! One question: We are looking to improve our signup flow for Could we use this as a Signup form to get people to create an account?
Matt Sornson
@marcus_svensson While not specifically designed for that use case, you can absolutely plug into our responses API (which would let you wire Clearbit Forms into your signup flow).
Zac Grierson
So couldn't I just randomly enter anyones email and see their information?!