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Turn a photo a cartoon drawing, using a neural network

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Julia Enthoven
Hi Product Hunt fam - We took a break from building Kapwing to make Cartoonify, an artificially-intelligent sketch artist that illustrates what happens when you ask a computer to draw (spoiler: your 5-year-old cousin has better skillz πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨) We wanted to explore TensorFlow and show off the work of Dan Macnish. This is our first AI project so we're still learning a lot about the technology! It's exciting to develop on the frontier of ML-powered creativity πŸ’»πŸ–Œ We'd love to see your best and funniest cartoons! Happy cartooning
Sandro Munda
Congrats for the launch, it's very funny to use :) Beside the fact my 5-year-old cousin has better draw skill, it makes me curious about the AI algorithm behind the tool
Ryan Hoover
Brilliant. While very different, this reminds me of Google's Autodraw. RIP, artists. J/k. πŸ˜‰
Roman Eaton
Hey, guys! Really interesting and hope that it would be better some time. Excited to realise that my photo is made by a machine.
Niv Dror
Love this 😊😊
Usama Khalid
It still needs more time to draw well. anyway good luck!
Julia Enthoven
@usama_khalid Yes I agree. This is just our first attempt, but we're hoping to improve the technology to make it more accurate without losing the fun
Micaela Dawn
This was a blast! I uploaded some of my art, and let the AI make art from my art. Now I'm tempted to take that art and make art from the art of my art.
Julia Enthoven
@dawnmicaela Haha that's the beauty of ML-powered art! It's not actually beautiful, but it might inspire you to make sometime else that is beautiful. Did you cartoonify some good art?
Micaela Dawn
@juliaenthoven This is what it created from one of my pieces:
Doron Nadivi
cute..seems fun
So relieved that the bots won't take over any time soon :)
Julia Enthoven
@oschettler haha just wait! We're hoping to bring some machine intelligence to video editing with Kapwing. At least put the bots to work enabling artsy humans with smarter, better tools.
Michael Daugherty
Fun! I'd love to see a camera app on my phone that gives me a drawing instead of a picture :)
Marcelo Ventura
This is really funny, I just can't stop uploading new photos! Beautiful idea
Julia Enthoven
@venturaeconomis Thanks Marcelo! Did you find some great cartoonified images?
Marcelo Ventura
@juliaenthoven sure, I just don't know how to send it here :/
A clever idea that’s fun and has a lot of potential! πŸ‘€
So funny!
Gil Akos
Congrats on the launch. Can you speak a bit about the training data you might have used?
Julia Enthoven
@gil_akos We used the training data from Dan Macnish's project, which was trained on data from Google's Quickdraw. You can read more about Dan's project on his blog:
Gil Akos
@juliaenthoven Cool, thanks for the extra info!
Izzy Piyale-Sheard
Hahaha this is so derpy and hilarious I love it πŸ˜‚
Egor Komarov
Lol it is very funny )))
Sven Kudszus
Maybe wast of time, but after the second pic, i got it- and i like it- because its fun and makes ma laugh :)